Ballin: Just your classic “Dwyane Wade goes for 41 on 25 shots while LeBron puts up 28, six and seven” kind of game for the Heat, which is almost exactly what I typed on Wednesday. Still a cool kind of game for them.

Not so much: Throw out that third quarter, which the Heat won 28-16, and the Indiana Pacers played the Miami Heat even. Too bad they make all four quarters count in an NBA game.

Floatski: There are floaters and then there are flooooooooooooaaaaters. This is the latter.

I dunno. Coulda used a bit more arc.

Good stuff: Dwyane Wade scored 26 points in the first half of last night’s game, setting a career-high for a postseason half. The 20 he had in the second quarter tied a career-high.

Fly pattern: This is a good way to get back those points you just gave up.

It might be time for us to start asking if David West is the best full-court passer in the NBA.

Overheard: Mike Breen on Mike Miller — “He looks about 60 years old when he walks down the court.”

Benjamin Button: Is it just me or is LeBron James aging in reverse?

Between this and the rookie year goatee, it’s like LeBron is living in 2003 again. His hairline disagrees, but it’s still true.

Sterling performance: Nice chant work from the Pacers faithful last night. There was a “He’s a flopper!” directed at Dwyane Wade, a standard “Thank you Pacers!” at the end of the game and at least one fan who yelled at LeBron about his headband. Great work all around.

Other things: David West doesn’t want your stupid high-fives … Mark Cuban just bought a lot of Facebook stock … Thumbs up for the Blake Griffin-NBA Jam mashup … John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe recreate a Ruff Ryders video, but with a jetski instead of four-wheelers … This is probably the best Allen Iverson tribute possible