“Private premier of men in black. Thanks TP. Team bonding.”Agent S, protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe

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  1. Haha….I love this story more than anything. My favorite commercial from these playoffs has been the MiB trailer where they throw in clips of NBA players. I just know Don Draper had to have come up with that idea. I am not ashamed to admit that besides watching basketball, one of my priorities this weekend is to make sure I catch this movie.

  2. Matt Bonner’s lips were numb from shushing everyone the whole movie.

  3. I wonder if Brent Barry got invited.

  4. LOL it must be nice to have more money then you’ll ever really need. If Paker was a real baller he would have had a home screening. Good move as a team leader IMO.

  5. Neal looks stoned. Probably got the weed from SJax.

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