“Jack has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. And so neither does the offense.”Gregg Popovich, on what makes Stephen Jackson an effective defender

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  2. Wow, this quote made my laugh so hard! Is there anyone better than Pop?

  3. Went onto this sight now to read what the Basketball Jones had to say about
    Captain Jack and Diaw. Stopped listening to the show because the whole crew apparently
    does not know enough about b-ball. In a pod-cast they all claimed that the acquisition of Jack and Diaw would not help the Spurs considerably in the playoffs!!
    What a joke!

    • Yes!!! Sometimes I think Tas is trolling with the nonsense he says, but damn he does it a lot…. makes ya wonder. I wish it was just Skeets and TK ;(

      The Diaw and Jack not being a big deal was hilariously bad. Sure they were both head cases, but that doesn’t detract from their potential. And they both had reasons to shape up for the Spurs along with the fact that it’s fukin POP!!

  4. maybe you should go to dictionary.com SITE and learn how to spell bro

  5. Cptn. jack is the defensive equivalent of Earl Monroe on offense

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