Believe it or not, Russell Westbrook’s shirt drawer has been the breakout star of the playoffs. Maybe it’s because they’re intentionally wild or maybe it’s because the people who are performing at the highest level are all guys we’ve known were great for years, but the biggest surprise of this postseason has been seeing what Russell Westbrook wears to his postgame press conference and whether or not it matches his fake glasses.

So far, we’ve seen fishing lures, maps and flags, but you know there are a whole bunch more weird prints somewhere in his closet. What follows are a bunch of shirts I wouldn’t be shocked to see Russell Westbrook wear at some point during the next few weeks.

M&Ms because he loves M&Ms.

A map of Oklahoma City because he hates getting lost.

A bunch of flags because he only missed two questions on his eighth grade geography test.

Gigantic versions of his own face because he misses the days when rappers would wear their own face on their shirts.


Flank steaks because of the one time someone traded Lady Gaga tickets for Thunder tickets.

A map of Westeros because he’s really in to “Game of Thrones” right now, nerd style.

All of Kevin Love’s crazy faces because they were roommates in college.

A polo shirt covered in polo shirts because it is a brilliant meta idea.