This is literally the best tip dunk Nick Collison will ever have in his life, guaranteed. It’s in a big playoff game, it came out of nowhere, it looked awesome and — maybe the best part — such a dunk is almost impossible to replicate. Maybe I’m crazy, but I can’t imagine there are going to be lots of plays where the ball bounces three feet above the rim and Nick Collison catches it at its peak and just crushes the finish, kind of on Tim Duncan.

If this is Nick Collison’s all-time best highlight, at least it was a good one. Glad we could all be here to see it.

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  1. Should this still be set to Rick Ross, like his screens/hustle video, or should it be reversed and set to something really chill?

  2. you have no faith? he might me motivated to do it again.

    • When I look up “Nick Collison Dunks” in google, there are more results for dunks that are ON Nick Collison than him actually dunking. I think that is your answer.

  3. I’ll see your two-hand Collison putback and raise you a one hand collison putback.

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