Ballin: 32 points and 13 rebounds for LeBron James. Great line, but it’s too bad he has to die during Game 2.

Not so much: Here is a rule of thumb — if a team scores less than 20 points in three of four quarters, they probably won’t win. That’s what happened to the Celtics, who surrounded a 35-point second quarter with 11, 15 and 18 point periods. To quote Doc Rivers, ”On the road, you can’t have two quarters of lulls.” Two quarters of lulz, though, is perfectly OK.

Whistlefest: Come on, Eddie.

Seriously, come on, Eddie. You’re being silly. Come on.

Record-setter: Ray Allen missed four free throws last night, the most he has missed in a single game during his 16-year NBA career. Congratulations.

22 two’s: From the AP — “LeBron James passed Sam Jones (2,909) for 22nd on the NBA’s playoff scoring list with a layup late in the first quarter, and Kevin Garnett passed Dirk Nowitzki (1,314) for 22nd on the league’s postseason rebound list.”

Rondon’t: The Rondo Fake (previously the Olajuwon Fake) is effective in most scenarios, just as long as they don’t include a 6-foot-9, 275 lb. defensive animal in the near vicinity.

I have to imagine this block is the result of LeBron’s training with Hakeem. How else would he learn how to time it?

Bombs away: Just another full court pass between Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Hardly a big deal these days.

Hot mic: There is a reason television microphones should never be near Kevin Garnett during a basketball game and this is that reason.

…and that’s what you get for putting a live microphone anywhere near Kevin Garnett.

Defense (clap, clap): Thanks to the Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman we learn that “[Shane Battier] shut out Brandon Bass from three-point range” and that “Bass didn’t attempt a three-pointer,” which is huge news for a guy who has attempted 14 threes in seven seasons, while making zero. Really good intel.

Other things: Tim Duncan is going to stay a Spur forever, obviously … Pau Gasol supposedly wants to play for the Bulls, which is totally fine by me … Ray Allen talking about his terrible ankles … Gregg Popovich is so sheepish about his “I want some nasty” comments … 10 years later, Andrea Bargnani’s calf is finally healed