It has been (kind of) nice knowing you, LeBron James. It’s a shame you never accomplished everything you wanted to in the NBA, but it was certainly fun watching you dominate games, most of the time.

Just to be safe, LeBron, maybe wear some sort of armor for Game 2. No one wants to see you assassinated via flagrant fouls, even though doing so after laughing in Kevin Garnett’s face after putting up 32 and 13 isn’t a bad way to go.

(via EOB)

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  1. This guy!!! He gives a shit about everything, big time.
    And, no, I donĀ“t mean captain jack ;)

  2. I wonder if captain Jack bumps this in the locker…

  3. I’m actually very glad to see this. Stand up to your bullies, ‘Bron.

    I do believe he might have figured it out this year. All it took was an injured Bosh, a diminishing Wade, and the best statistical season in modern history.

  4. KG disrespected by Lebron – Priceless!

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