On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 2 of the Thunder-Spurs Western Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: Tony Parker’s mid-range game, the Hack-a-Splitter strategy, what OKC did right in the fourth, angry Ibaka, Thabo vs. Fisher, Pop’s subtle defensive switch, Leonard’s 18-11, and whether Brooks will sit Perk for Game 3. All that, plus sexy shot charts, Janet Jackson, and dirty diapers.

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  1. Video currently listed as “Private”

  2. Fixing … YouTube, for whatever reason, always resets it to private. So annoying.

  3. Skeets, I was glad to hear you give Kawhi some props. The kid has been BALLING in the playoffs. For the playoffs, he’s shooting 50% from the field, 45% on 3′s, and 85% from the line. Those are Steve Nash-like numbers. He also rebounds and defends well and doesn’t turn the ball over.

  4. Just wanted to say, on the hack-a-Splitter: there’s really no evidence that had any effect on the game. Every commentator seems to assume that it did. To me, it seemed obvious that OKC turned things around by playing a better lineup and by turning up their defensive intensity. I don’t think this SA offensive machine gets rusty from watching someone shoot a few FT’s. And anyway, wasn’t there a long stretch, including a break between quarters, between the hack-a-Splitter and the OKC run?

  5. Looks like you uploaded it twice to video and didnt upload to audio in iTunes

  6. Spurs are the best team in bball no doubt. But one thing I’ve noticed in over 20 yrs of watching all sports, when a streak like this gets snapped it usually results in 2 consecutive losses due to how draining a streak like this can be and the emotional turmoil of finally losing. This may not apply to a team with as much experience and talent as the Spurs, but I think if OKC take game 3 which it is more than capable of doing, then they will also take game 4 and hopefully we will still have a 7 gamer bc it’s not like the Thunder are playing poorly. Spurs are just that good.

  7. I see you guys talking the Westbrook/Parker matchup. Just want to put out there that in the first game it was Westbrook putting his hand up to guard Ginobli, these guys dont want to go hide defensively, they want the challenge. I don’t think Westbrook would be happy getting switched to an easy assignment.

  8. Hypothetical question:

    Do you think the Spurs could beat the Bobcats if you let the ‘Cats put 6 players on the court?

  9. Skeets, you’re a reasonably smart man. Please don’t undermine the impression by making the same mistake as millions of English-speaking dolts: repeatedly using “literally” incorrectly. Had the Spurs been “literally killing the Thunder” as Pop was chewing out Parker, we’d have a major, multiple homicide investigation and a public atrocity that would take some forgetting. Literally.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who was going to bring this quibble up.

      Good: “I literally cringed when Skeets said that”, “that circus shot made me literally scream”

      Bad: “he was literally on fire from downtown”, “the Spurs literally crushed them”

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