Ballin: To quote Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News regarding Tony Parker’s 34 points on 16-21 shooting — “Parker’s 16-for-21 shooting effort Tuesday night ended up as the best shooting game by a true guard with at least 20 shots in the playoffs since Vinnie Johnson notched a similar 16-for-21 game against Boston in 1985.” So pretty good, I suppose.

Not so much: Both Tim Duncan and Derek Fisher shot 2-11 last night, scoring 11 and 12 points respectively. Not great but they bring veteran experience and Don Johnson-ish facial hair so it’s no biggie.

Throwback: Plus, Tim Duncan did this so everything is forgiven.

Kobe might have had a German legs procedure, but Tim Duncan apparently had a German everything procedure.

Platonic ideal: The Spurs turned the ball over on their first possession of the third quarter, then proceeded to score on their next five possessions and nine of their next 11. It was awesome to watch.

Tighten up: Kawhi Leonard needs to take some advice from Mike Miller re: playing basketball without shoes on.

Better hang on to that thing, Kawhi. I can’t imagine there are a lot more Jordan 12 lows out there to be had.

Nickname needed: After the Spurs went on that crazy third quarter run, the Thunder went to a fouling Tiago Splitter strat that needs a clever nickname. Flog-a-Tiag, Smack-a-Splitter and Hit-a-Split have been bandied about. Nonetheless, it was effective. Though the fouling part only took the score from 84-66 to 88-72, the resultant mucking up of the game threw off the Spurs’ rhythm and made it possible for OKC to start their comeback.

Also: During Tiago Splitter Foul Fest 2012 “San Antonio Smackdown,” Splitter hit one of his free throws and went for a low-five that nobody returned, Andrew Bogut-style.

Firing line: I have to say, the Thunder’s pregame ritual is pretty hilarious.

I wonder how you get chosen to be the guy who does the punching. I also wonder why Nazr Mohammed is holding his nuts. Something bad must have happened in rehearsals.

Of course: The Clippers are picking up Vinny Del Negro’s option for next year and will continue to be the Clippers forever.

Other things: Kawhi Leonard had a chill dunk early on, but I preferred when he went up for a dunk during the fourth quarter, missed it but somehow still turned that miss in to a made layup … Also really enjoyed this super hanging Manu Ginobili layup … Really wish Russell Westbrook would have put down a tip dunk that he missed last night. Would have been huge … Very much enjoying TrueHoop’s “The Book” feature on various head coaches. Gregg Popovich’s entry is particularly great … Stephen Jackson and Serge Ibaka got hit with double techs after the third quarter because it had been seven quarters of the series without Captain Jack getting T’d up