Rajon Rondo was awesome last night, as we all know. 53 minutes, 44 points, all kinds of jumpers, a mouthguard in his jersey and stats on stats on stats. So many stats, you guys. He crushed it, no doubt.

And his inspiration? Brian Scalabrine, of course. From CSNNE.com:

“Rajon, they’re collapsing on you,” Scalabrine said of his message to Rondo on Comcast SportsNet New England’s pregame show. “Use your instincts, make plays. That’s what you want to do. That’s why you’re so special. Your instincts are off the charts. If you see a layup, shoot a layup. If you [see] a pass, make the pass. Trust your guys: trust Ray Allen, trust Paul Pierce. And I feel like he feels that he needs to be more aggressive making basketball plays . . . If 20 shots is what it takes, that’s what it takes. Rajon Rondo needs to be more aggressive in making his players around him more better.”

This is really just Scal repeating what he told Rondo in pregame, but I have to imagine that it’s also pretty close to exactly what went down. Why would you make up such generic advice like this? You wouldn’t.

And also, why would Rajon Rondo take Brian Scalabrine’s advice? That’d be like a gazelle taking eating advice from a table. I know Scalabrine is an experienced veteran with an NBA championship, but what is he seriously offering Rajon Rondo? There aren’t many people more different on the court than these two, which is probably why Scal’s sage advice is “Shoot when you’re open,” “Pass when guys are open,” and “Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are good.” That is advice my dad could give, and while he is a pretty solid pickup player, he is not the kind of guy who can unlock the secrets of basketball for one of the NBA’s best point guards.

But hey, the Bulls have had the NBA’s best record the past two seasons, both of which came after the team signed Scalabrine. If he has magical speech-giving powers that makes all players perform at their absolute peak, that would certainly explain how he’s been able to stay in the league for so long. The Bobcats should sign him for next year, just to test this theory.

(via SLAM)

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  1. A gazelle taking eating advice from a table? That’s so random. It’s like a cellphone taking technology advice from a piece of paper (the first two things that came across my sight). Or a rubberband taking bending advice from a chair.

    • No it’s not that random – gazelles and tables both interact with food but in very different ways. Gazelles use food for their own benefit, while tables simply hold food until another party consumes it.

      Likewise, Rondo uses a basketball for its highest and most beautiful purpose, while Scalabrine just tries to not fuck up long enough for someone else to get the ball.

  2. A gazelle, huh. I like the comparison but Rondo would be one helluva cranky gazelle. I’m talking record-breaking cranky.

  3. …that`s like a sushi-roll taking seaweed advice from a set of chopsticks…

  4. Scal would kick all your asses!

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