On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 2 of the Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: Rondo’s career night, the officials (unfortunately), Doc Rivers’ game-to-game adjustments, Wade’s second-half explosion, Miami’s role players, the final few plays of regulation (Ray’s three and LeBron’s jumper), and whether we look at this game as the Heat withstanding the Celtics’ best shot, or the Celtics are for real and this is just getting started? All that, plus the New Orleans Hornets’ lottery fortunes, Zach “Joffrey” Leonsis, and Wally “fucking” Szczerbiak.

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  1. not zerbiak

    sch – tsch – erbiak

  2. Vince McMahon, I mean David Stern, wants a Thunder/Heat Finals. He knows there’s no way the Thunder are getting past the Spurs, so he’s going to make sure the Celtics don’t upset the Heat so he at least gets one of his teams in the championship. Blazers/Lakers in 2000, Kings/Lakers in 2002, Mavs/Heat in 2006, this game was no different.

    And with Stern’s Hornets winning the lottery, you might as well start calling the NBA “WWE”

  3. I don’t believe in a conspiracy, and the discrepancy is because Miami did a better job getting to the line.

    But I don’t think you’re giving the Peirce foul the importance it deserves. That took him out of the game for overtime. That’s huge.

    • I like to think there is no conspiracy either, but you are delusional if you don’t believe there is bias.

  4. Baklava is Turkish Tas

  5. I could be crazy here, but doesn’t the fact that Peirce jumped in the air make it not matter if he was straight up or not? My understanding has always been that if the defender is in the air it’s his foul on contact (unless it is obviously initiated by the offensive player). Just like with the classic Kobe/KD move of pump faking and jumping into the guy, it doesn’t really matter what the guy is doing. If he’s in the air, it’s a foul on him.

    • Thank you for pointing that out. That BS I believe is the invention of Jeff (most biased and annoying commentator in the World besides Reggie Miller) Van Gundy. He is always looking to nit pick at something not related to the game or way out of left field such as –

      Rondo keeping chap stick in his sock (or lip stick -he he).

      Wade possibly fouling Garnet 1st with his leg on that pivotal And1 in OT (as Garnet was fully extended into Wade air space and in prime position to deliver a signature KG foul which he did do mili-seconds later).

      Last but not least his habitual diatribe about flopping and worst his stupid ideas to fix it.

    • If that is your interpretation of the rule then you should probably let Joel Anthony know. He’s the best at the league at playing great defense by jumping straight up in the air in that way and it is rightfully not called as a foul (or at least usually isn’t).

    • Not at all.

      Being “in the air” does not (according to basketball rules) make you more likely to commit a foul. In fact, it does not matter. The important concept here is the cylinder. If a player jumps straight up and keeps his limbs inside his cylinder, there should never be a foul called on him. Never. If you jump towards another spot on the floor that is already occupied by someone (hence the pump-fake fouls, unless the defender jumps straight and get hit, which should result in a no-call or even an offensive foul, but usually doesn’t because NBA refs are just that bad), then it should be called a foul. If you jump straight up, that spot on the floor already “belongs” to you, so if another player runs at you and hits you while you’re still owning that spot, it’s an offensive foul.

      In other words, being in the air does not affect the likelihood of you getting called for a foul.

      I’m not making any of this up, these are basic basketball rules.

  6. Loved Skeets rant about Wally Szerbiak, priceless

  7. My favorite Chinese restaurant in Edina, MN still has a photo of the owner standing with Wally as their decorative centerpiece. Also, this photo of Ricky rehabbing his knee has a framed Wally jersey in the background.


    It is truly Wally’s World my friends. We are all just living in it.

  8. I don’t think there was some vast anti-Boston conspiracy in game two. (Commissioner Stern whispering fouls and no-calls into a mic feeeding into the refs ears.) Having said that it should be pointed out that Lebron and Wade are very aggressive defenders who almost never get into anything approaching foul trouble. They’re not the only stars that get the extreme benefit of the doubt when it comes to fouls taken (the nba is polluted with this star-treatment double standard) but they do defend with the unnatural advantage of knowing that they can get away with contact that lesser players would be whistled for.

    On the other side of the ball, they get the extreme benefit of the doubt when it comes to drawing fouls. I’m not sure if Doc would like us to call them 50-50 calls but if there is any contact real or perceived (aka flopped) they are going to get the call. Again, they are not alone in this. Its a star thing. But they are the biggest stars the NBA has and, arguably, get the biggest benefit of the doubt. From this point of view I can sympathize with Boston fans who feel Pierce (or Rondo) should get the same benefit of the doubt.

    I don’t think Lebron had a particularly aggressive game last night. He has been way more aggressive this playoffs, and yet he shot 24 fts. So was Boston just hacking him at every opportunity? No, I don’t think so. I think he probably encountered a pretty average amount of contact, and the refs called this contact. In any given playoff game the refs could call two or three times as many fouls as they do. The game is that physical. In game 2 they decided to call all of them, which would have been legitimate had they applied the same standard to whistling fouls against Miami.

  9. Thanks for calling out Simmons cause that was driving me nuts. I get mad when my team loses too but damn. We all knew that LBJ gets the superstar treatment with fouls for years, you can’t suddenly decide that you’re “disgusted with the league” suddenly just because your team loses.

    • Of course Simmons is a huge Boston homer, and he admits as much, but I’m not a Boston fan and I agree with many of his thoughts on game 2. Also, isn’t it kind of insane that we as NBA fans have to swallow the fact that there is a huge disparity in how the game is reffed for certain stars vs regular players? I mean Lebron is a great great player. He has a build that makes you believe that a) God really does exist after all and b) he built Lebron. So, why, why, why do the refs need to help him out? And why do we have to just nod and say well of course LBJ has always gotten the superstar treatment? It’s insane!

  10. Totally irrational Celtics homer here. Yes – that no-call on Rondo was AWFUL and should have been called.

    Otherwise, I don’t see where there’s much to gripe about. The Celtics are a jumpshooting team and the Heat have two freight trains who attack the rim like crazy. If there wasn’t a free throw disparity, I’d have to wonder.

    Pierce doesn’t get the star calls, but he never has. LeBron always has. Fine to be upset with that if you’d like, but it’s a much larger issue than last night or this series or these teams or even this generation.

    I’d point Celtics fans to game 2 of the 2008 finals – we shot WAY more free throws than the Lakers (the next day was also the best TBJ episode in history). Tons of Lakers fans and just basketball fans in general were complaining that the fix was in.

    As Celtics fans – we quickly pointed out that the Celtics had played really aggressive and the Lakers had settled for the “12 feet or further” offense. That was true. Now its the same scenario, but we’re the passive ones.

    Fuck Sczerbiak and everyone else who talks shit about KG. Respect that man.

    • Agreed for the most part but my mind still gets stuck on a couple calls that just seemed wrong. No conspiracy or something stupid like that but just a bit of ref weirdness.

      The call where Rondo got called for fouling Lebron while the two of them were racing for the ball seemed entirely random.

    • You are a very reasonable Boston Fan. Maybe the first of your kind congrats.

      I actually cheered for KG and the Celts in 2008. I was really happy to see him win it all but then something weird happened maybe it was at the moment that awkward chant “Anything is …………..” you know the rest, that things began to change. Actually, I know exactly when it happened during the Heats play battle with Boston in 2009 game 4 or 5 Tommy Hieson was allowed to call the game in Boston against my Heat and he proceeded to talk about Wade as though he were most undeserving underhanded scrub in the league all while KG, Perkins, and damn near every one else in a Boston jersey took turns smacking, pushing, and swiping at Wade as he continually attacked the paint as Miami only scoring option. Wade got about 2/3rds of his calls that night and of course the were Heat ousted in 5 games but the damage was done and a new super charged crop of Anti-Boston Heat fans were born.

      So I for one would like see KG retire with daily nightmares of Lebron laughing at him as his last memorable moment in the NBA. I wan’t KG’s kids to ask him to get Wade and Lebron’s autographed jersey’s and shoes, I wan’t KG to be posterized by Norris Cole and close lined by Dexter Pittman in the same game.

      I want Kevin Garnett to be traded to the Bulls were he come of the bench behind Jokim Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sounds like your issue is with Heinsohn. Garnett has played that way and acted that way his whole career. But, the reasons I think he is great and say that any fan would want him on their team are the same reasons that opposing fans probably hate him.

        Also even right now he’s better than Noah.

      • Sorry for the typos but you get my point right?

        I will correct this part.

        I want KG to get posterized by Norris Cole, then yelled at by Doc, then close lined by Dexter Pittman on the next play, then when he retaliates by flagrant fouling Wade or Lebron on an AND1 I want him to be T’d up and ejected and then heckled by Burnie the Heat’s Mascot on his way to locker room. But then when he pushes Burnie I want Burnie to totally whoop his ass with finishing blow being a hard kick to the ass, and then right after that I want Jokim Noah to tweet by total coincidence about how ugly Garnett is.

        Anything – is – Possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lol you’re pretty angry dude. I don’t understand how anyone can be a sports fan and not appreciate KG. Also, Lebron will go down as one of the best, but KG’s career speaks for itself. Wade should be wearing his jersey. It’s easy to talk smack when a guy is at the end of his career – like playing in a 40 plus rec league and laughing at a senior.

        • Agreed – all of these guys will have a point when they’re in their twilight (like now obviously) but that doesn’t lessen them at all.

          KG is the only player in history with 20,000 points – 10,000 Boards -5,000 assists – 1500 blocks – and 1500 steals.

          Trust me, he’s suffered enough – probably no franchise in history has wasted an athlete’s prime the way Minnesota wasted his. You switch he and Duncan and he’d have all the rings. And I think you could say this year he was the 3rd or 4th best center in the league, which is pretty damn good for your 17th year.

    • I agree with everything you say. I watched this game two days late, knowing there was some fuss about the free throws, and as Skeets said, while actually watching the game there was no noticeable discrepancy.

      James and Wade were attacking into defenders all game long (and I personally didn’t see more than 2 or 3 “he’s a star” calls), while the Celtics were either shooting jumpshots or moving the ball around until they got uncontested shots inside. And despite all that the free throw numbers were still something like 27-23 in the 4th quarter. Take away the beginning of the game where the Celtics picked up 5 fouls while the Heat still had 0, and the 3 or 4 intentional fouls at the end of overtime and there is little evidence for an “OMG REF CONSPIRACY” claim.

      As for Wade fouling Rondo on the head and a couple of other missed calls/non-calls, it’s a shame but unfortunately those mistakes are a part of the game. Sometimes those calls go your way, and sometimes they don’t.

  11. “Who gives a shit about Wally Szczerbiak!” haha

    Mike Miller won ROY that same season Wally was an AS. Kidd led the league in assists. Good year for the slow-footed white man.

  12. Stren should be wearing a Heat jersey with the number 007 ….

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