J.R. Smith is often the most frustrating player in the league to watch, but just as often, he is the most entertaining player to follow on the social media website twitter.com. To wit:

How many people want to ride bikes with me at 2am instagraming pix?

I’ll be on 66th an amsterdam @2:30 wit my bike! ‪#getdownorlaydown

I know what you’re thinking — is this a Blackberry commercial? Well no, not exactly. It is a tiny bikes version of a Blackberry commercial with Sutro filters instead of neon lights, as you can see up top. New Yorkers loved it, because riding bikes is their jam.

Here’s every conversation these guys had this morning.

“What did you do last night?”

“Oh not much, just rode bikes at two in the morning with J.R. Smith.”

“J.R. Smith from the Knicks?”


“Shut up.”

As it should be. Who would believe J.R. Smith would join a bunch of fans for a late night bike ride? Probably a lot of people, actually, but it’s still totally unexpected. But it really did happen.

Glad everyone remembered to bring their snapbacks. Helmets are recommended, of course, but if you don’t have one, go for a snapback. Safety first, cool styles second.

This is my favorite picture from the evening. J.R. is like, “Yeah, what? I’m riding bikes. Don’t worry about it.” Great face.

Back in my childhood subdivision, we used an “Eeeeeee-ooooooo-eeeeeeeet” kind of call to signal is was bike riding time. NBA players use Twitter, and that’s just another reason why you can’t go to sleep at night. You never know when an NBA player is going to want to ride bikes with you. Rest when you’re dead, as my No Fear t-shirts used to say.

(via Posting and Toasting)