Ballin: Pretty hard to choose against a guy who scored 44 points on 24 shots, hit two threes, went 10-12 from the line, grabbed eight boards, handed out 10 assists and had three steals while playing all 53 minutes of an overtime game. So congratulations on your meaningless internet award, Rajon Rondo.

Not so much: 21 points, six rebounds and three assists is a fine line for Paul Pierce, except he fouled out with 47 seconds remaining in regulation. Why does this guy get in to foul trouble in so many big games? He’s been disqualified from this one and Game 7 of the 76ers series in this playoffs alone. Seems he’s just a bit too tuned up sometimes, though you can’t blame him.

Smooth move: Here’s Kevin Garnett throwing an elbow at James Jones, then trying to play it very cool.

This guy.

More Rondo: Perhaps the most impressive part of Rajon Rondo’s amazing game — outside of the ironman minutes and jump-shooting acumen — was that he played the entire fourth quarter and overtime with his shorts barely hanging on to his tiny, tiny tuchus. Tighten that drawstring, bro.

Also ballin: Word up to Mario Chalmers, throwing up 22 points like it’s no big deal. Way to go, man.

Sad: This block totally bummed me out.

This is the oldest Ray Allen has ever looked. Dwyane Wade starts this play AHEAD of Ray, trots back and Ray is barely able to pass him because he is incapable of sprinting, then Wade jumps at maybe 60 percent strength and easily, easily blocks Ray’s layup attempt, smothering his shot like an eighth grader playing against a fourth grader. Do not like.

Howevski: Even though he is basically one zillion years old, Ray Allen can still shoot. Two threes on the night, none bigger than the game-tying bomb at the end of regulation where that rapscallion Dwyane Wade put his team at a disadvantage by gambling for a steal. Sometimes it pays off to be old and slow.

Controversh: I’m sure seeing this replay a few times won’t make Celtics fans upset.

Should have been a foul, but let’s just consider this revenge for Rondo punching Brad Miller in the head.

Conspiracy: The New Orleans Hornets won last night’s draft lottery because it’s been a while since we’ve had people convinced the league was rigged. The worst part, however, is that Nick Gilbert will be put in his father’s dungeon for not winning the Cavs’ second straight No. 1 pick.

Other things: How does Rajon Rondo decide when he’s going to wear a headband? And do statistics exist that show the difference between how he plays when he wears one and when he doesn’t? … Oh, look at that, another LeBron James block that looks awesome … Always fun when Paul Pierce throws down an out-of-nowhere dunk … Even Doc Rivers is hurt for the Celtics … Wally Szczerbiak ragged on Kevin Garnett for not having the “#clutchgene” then promptly deleted the tweet because he is Wally Szczerbiak