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On today’s show, we break down the NBA’s Conference Finals. Can the Celtics recover from their demoralizing Game 2 loss? Can the Thunder outrun the Spurs for three more games? Can Rajon Rondo clone himself? We also check in on the Pau Gasol rumor mill, find out NBA players’ favorite broadcasters, investigate tampering in the NBA Draft Lottery, and wonder why a man would have an ATM in his kitchen.

All that, plus Vinny rides again, legal “Linsanity”, Rihanna, pun-gun fun, and a swag-tastic “Tweet of the Weak.”


So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Comments (53)

  1. Leonsis Jr may look like Joffrey, in a way, but having brown hair does disqualify him… The colour of Joffrey’s hair is actually THE reason for the wars in the Seven Kingdom…

  2. Lemme help you guys out: of COURSE it was rigged.

  3. Skeets I completely agree with you about the calls. But now I wonder did the Celtics hurt themselves by saying they need to hit the Heat. Because now the referees are like ok we will be looking for that make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

  4. Why did he have to cut his first date short?

    Chris Kaman His Pants

  5. Best announcer: Tie between Jeff Van Gundy and Hubie Brown. JVG is smart and love his dry sense of humor. Hubie is just smart.
    Least Favorite: Matt Devlin… dude is terrible.

  6. I love Reggie. My favorite commentator of them all.

    Worst of anyone ever opening their mouth on tv is Shaq. Shaq should not only get fired but the only way he will be remembered positively after this year is if he gets assassinated.

    - Estonian in Hungary

  7. The Royal Rumble for the number one pick may just be the greatest idea in the history of man. Forget the wheel, or electricity, or the internet itself. This wins.

  8. Just so you know, the “bath salts” the face eating dude was high on were not actual bath salts. Bath salts is just a slang name for the drug Mephedrone. So if you’re even having and hard day and really want to get fucked up (like the kind of fucked up where you find yourself naked in the street eating a homeless man’s face) don’t eat any stray bath salts sitting around your house.

  9. Oh, and favorite commenter. Maybe because I’m a Knicks fan and I’m impartial. But Clyde makes me smile even when the Knicks are getting crushed.

  10. You guys were having such a hard time with this I made you a diagram. Hope it helps:

    DeShawn’s Master Plan:

      • lol nice. I think Tas was trying to get this point across.

        In other words: The financial institutions debit the money from the ATM user’s account, and then credit DeShawn for the cash he put in, plus $4.50 (charged to the ATM user). DeShawn is NOT giving away $100,00 a year to his friends. He’s likely not even putting his own cash in there. Probably provided by another “financial institution.”

        • My guess is that beyond this DeShawn himself doesn’t go down to the bank and stuff 20k in 20s in there. You probably have to pay for a service plan to keep it connected to the ATM network, then they send someone down there with the money and take care of it.

      • LOL, well done. I was embarrassed for the guys who didn’t get it. Frighteningly stupid.

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t like JVG?
    Also Tas’ futile attempts to explain how an ATM works the same wherever it is so long as it is connected to the internet was frustrating and hilarious.

  12. Wait didn’t Leigh work at a bank? Why didn’t he step in and clear up the ATM confusion immediately.

  13. Pun: what is Chris Kaman’s favorite board game? Settlers of Ka-man

  14. I think that I actually got frustrated for Tas during the whole ATM conversation.

    A lesser podcast would’ve cut that part out and I’m glad you guys kept it in…. Even if the conversation kind of made me want to slam my head against my desk here.

    • Agreed. You know why? I like this show because its casual and fun, like hanging out with your buddies just talking about whatever and ragging on each other.

      So – yeah – I’m glad you guys kept that part in. I enjoyed it too.

    • i thought it was fucking hilarious

      • Tas had no idea what he was talking about…

        • Huh, how do you figure that? Unless I’ve got the voices messed up, wasn’t Tas the one explaining it to the two clowns who didn’t understand one of the simplest concepts around?

  15. First off I don’t understand all the hype that rondo game had… don’t get me wrong he played great (i’m a celtics fan). However last week didn’t lebron have a 45 /18/9 game against the pacers??why is everybody saying rondo’s numbers were unheard of. And sorry Tas you’re wrong saying rondo can’t have a better game, I’m sure one of those not so rare 20+ assists game would help the team a lot more than him dropping 40 on them…
    Forget bargnani you can’t win with a non rebounding PF/C
    My favourite announcer is C. Webber, I think he gives the fans the best game analysis from the players standpoint which wether we admit it or not we all would like to switch places with…

    • I like Webber too, but every so often he says something that is hilariously stupid. I always point to the fact when he was telling us how great Ryan Hollins was. Really C-Webb? Ryan Hollins? He of the .1 regular season win shares? Overall though I like his body of work. He just has those head scratching comments at least once a game.

  16. Better shape up, cause I need a kaman.
    And my heart is set on you.

  17. I’m with Tas, I dig Hubie Brown.

  18. Tas really delivered in this one.
    The ATM the thing, the WE DONT NEED GASOL rant.
    Tas just came trough in the clutch.

  19. Gasol to the raptors hmmm. very interesting

  20. 76ers want to trade Igoudala. Raps should deal amir johnson/Ed Davis and 8th pick for iggy.
    Seems like a decent deal.

  21. where in los angeles does chris kaman go clubbing?

    west hollywood because he misses flaming.

    what do they call him jamaica?

    chris hey mon!

  22. Chris Kaman declared himself as 1/32 Native American to gain a scholarship. Which tribe did he claim? Kamanche.

  23. Ahhh, I also hate JVG… whenever he goes on his little ranting rages… good God, I just want to yell at him to shut his mouth haha.
    Side note: On the donut experiment, I LOL’d hard when I saw Cameron (Live @ the Score) was the first one to snag that Maple Dip!

  24. Holy crap guys, how hard was it to understand how an ATM work? It’s VERY simple. It was pretty funny to hear you all trying to understand Tas though.

    About the “rigged” thing. It could be, but it really well could NOT be, since 13.7% is actually quite a lot, more than 1/8 chance to win. Weirder things have happened before, look at the Bulls who had like 1.7% chance in ’08, or the ’93 Magic with 1.5%. Anyway, I agree with your idea of having the lottery being very transparent, like LIVE before your eyes.

  25. Q: What did Kaman do?
    A: Chris Kaman Ur Mouth

  26. Q: What’s Chris Kaman’s favorite brand of underwear?
    A: Trick question, he always goes Kaman-do.

  27. JVG is the best.

    Reggie Miller is the damn worst!

  28. By their logic, I think Skeets and Trey think that when they withdraw money from any ATM its the bank just giving them money.

  29. The reason the draft lottery is so obscure, is because IT IS RIGGED

  30. and you can spin it however you want? really? cause that’s exactly what Tas did by saying “why didn’t they get the first and second pick”. you can’t seriously be that naive guys. Don’t sell out, just because you got an NBA TV gig.

  31. Skeets was hyper actively chatty on today’s Overdose. Less peanut gallery approval remarks during pun-gun fun. Just constructive criticism from a fellow soldier. Mad respek.

  32. Why doesn’t he like to wear any underwear…… Cause he likes to go Chris KAMANdo

  33. Man, you totally left out JVG. He’s like the old school version of Pruiti. And C-Webb is a little bit boasty, lately. Leading to flat-out erroneous calls.

  34. I love Hubie and how he starts almost every sentence with a ‘Now’ or ‘Now you’ve got to remember…’ JVG is pretty great too. I think I’ve probably learned more by listening to Hubie but JVG is very funny and so obviously doesn’t give a damn about nba politics. Also I love how a certain percentage of times he doesn’t respond when Mike Breen goes out of his way to work him into the play-by-play. Like the honey badger, JVG don’t care.

    Steve Kerr is pretty good too, insightful but not as charismatic as Hubie or JVG. I kinda loved the combination of the enthusiastic Chris Webber and the so-dry he could be calling the game from the grave Dick Stockton.

    Reggie is terrible. He can barely speak the English language let alone provide any sort of insight. Would it be possible to create a Reggie Miller & Shaq show? TNT wouldn’t have to broadcast it– or even film it for that matter. Just put them in a fancy room somewhere where they could feel special and important but wouldn’t be in a position to ruin a broadcast or inside the nba. Quarantine them.

  35. He’s not a play-by-play guy, he’s an analyst, but Kevin McHale is pretty good. A much better analyst than a coach.

  36. Adding on to Trey’s Gasol to Rockets for Lowry + Martin/Scola idea, what about Iggy, Lowry, Scola to Lakers, Gasol to Rockets and Martin to Philadelphia?

  37. I like your show. But you could have explained the ATM in 15 seconds…but instead sounded like idiots and made me never want to listen again.

    And stop with the softball updates, does anyone care?

  38. How many dozens of guys have been witnesses in the back room of the draft over the years? You’re going to tell me not one of them was disgruntled enough in later years not to reveal a fix?

    You’re going to tell me Stern would risk a massive scandal and millions of dollars in lost revenues for some nebulous, marginal benefits that are never clearly or consistently explained by the conspiracy theorists? If it were fixed to favor big/iconic markets, wouldn’t Duncan have wound up in Boston? Wouldn’t NYC have a top-3 pick more recent than 1986? (might have been helpful sometime in the last decade, no?) If Benson was holding out for a promise of the #1 pick, couldn’t Clay Bennett have held out for the #1 back in 06/07?

    You’re going to tell me that the owners whose teams would be screwed over by a fix would just roll over and take it? “We’ve only won 1 in 3 games for 8 years, had the team with the worst winning percentage in NBA history, and never picked first in the draft; but it’s okay – you can give someone else the #1 pick.” Fun fact: of the 12 teams with the lowest overall winning percentage of the last 10 years, only 4 have won a lottery – the Wizards, Clippers, Raptors and Bucks.

    You’re going to tell me that auditors would stake their entire reputation on such a breach of ethics? “Yeah, if this ever gets out, we’d probably go bankrupt. But sure, we’ll lie for you.”

    So yeah, some of the coincidences can seem suspicious, but claiming it’s rigged simply doesn’t stand up to logic or common sense.

    Also – Not understanding how an ATM works? You’re better than that, Skeets and Trey!

  39. Wow Kerby. First he can’t even multiply 20k by 5, then he’s not able to grasp the very simple concept of the ATM machine after it got explained like 10 times. Unreal

  40. Did you hear the name of Chris’s circumcision party?

    The Bris Kaman.

  41. I’m late… but Bargs and Calderon for Gasol is a terrible idea for the Raptors

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