About 10 years ago, Liars were the hottest band on the indie circuit (old man phrase). Following the release of “They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top,” Angus Andrew was on top of that smallest slice of the world, dating the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O and rocking the imminently danceable “Mr. You’re On Fire Mr.” like a crazy 6-foot-7 version of the foreign relief pitcher from the last season of “Eastbound and Down.” It was good times, but they strayed from the dance punk formula that made them moderately famous, and while that won them critical adoration, it also led to boring live shows and less immediate music that lost them whatever tiny bit of popularity they had gained. Oh well. Such is art.

This is obviously the most you’ll ever read about Liars on a basketball blog, but I only bring it up because they have a new record coming out and Andrew says it’s hard to understand unless the Clippers are playing well. That’s relevance, my friends. From Pitchfork:

The only transmission of pop culture that infiltrated the writing sessions that resulted in  WIXIW was the NBA finals. (Liars are hardcore Clippers fans who’d probably rather talk basketball than music. “When the Clippers are doing well,” says Andrew, ”it feels like the world is in the right gear and everyone’s going to understand our record.”)

Judging by this description, I imagine “WIXIW” will be a halting record that sounds pretty good, but you wish it was a little faster. Or maybe people will think it’s going to sound awesome, then when it’s merely OK, they’ll be disappointed and dissect everything that is wrong with it. Or maybe the record will have two really good songs, a few OK songs and then a whole bunch of really bad songs. Also, naturally, if you get to close to this record it’ll fall over. There are actually a lot of Clippers metaphors that work well for music, which I didn’t know before writing this paragraph.

It’s probably too late, but Liars should maybe talk to their label about waiting to release this record, since the Clips are already out of the playoffs. A big hit might bring the band back to prominence, but if you need a hot Clippers team for the songs to make sense, now isn’t a good time. Waiting until a nice win streak during next season might be a good idea, especially since they can’t travel back in time to that 6-game win streak in April. We just don’t have the technology.