Ballin: It’s weird to give Thabo Sefolosha a “line of the night” type of fake internet award, since what he’s best at is usually outside of the realm of box scores. Last night, however, he put up 19 points, hit four threes, Snatchbox 20′d six steals, blocked a shot and grabbed six boards, so it’s actually pretty easy. If we had deflection stats, it’d be even easier.

Not so much: Through three games in this series, Tim Duncan is 13-41 from the field, including a 5-15 outing last night. Timmy Deucecan is great, but he hasn’t been — offensively, at least — yet in this series.

Woobly O’legs: It always looks cool when Kevin Durant dunks on somebody.

I think it’s just that his legs and arms kind of go their own sinewy way while he’s floating in the air, but it looks really cool like an early 90′s dunk contest, when limb flair was way more important.

Poor opening: On his very first play in the Western Conference finals. Patty Mills brought the ball up, crossed the halfcourt line and promptly passed the ball to Russell Westbrook. Whoops.

Dubious achievements: Tim Duncan is now the all-time “record holder” for playoff blocks.

If a stat wasn’t kept for the entire career — or at all in a bunch of cases — can a player really hold a record? Probably not, but still, good on ya, Tim Duncan. Now make a shot.

Chill, bro: Kendrick Perkins staring down announcers like they had just tried to dunk on him was funny. Reggie Miller saying their three-man team was a “crystal ball” because they call it how they see it was funnier. Reggie Miller obviously not understanding what a crystal ball is supposed to do was the funniest.

Summary: Gregg Popovich summed up last night’s game pretty well.

You can tell there is a lot of trust in the Spurs coaching staff, judging by the fact he is just mad lounging on some dude’s knee.

Silver lining: A couple of encouraging signs for the Spurs, maybe — Stephen Jackson went 4-5 from three, DeJuan Blair scored 10 points in garbage time. Not sure if either of those means anything, but yeah.

Other things: There was a James Harden bankshot last night from straight on that was maybe the funniest thing ever. Just an OKC kind of night … Kevin Durant got a technical from the bench last night, which is something I did against the Wilmington Wildcats during sophomore year of high school for asking “Where’s the foul?” when a friend went to the basket. The ref responded, “Here’s a foul” and whistled me for a tech. Very proud moments … Shoutout to Kendrick Perkins playing tough perimeter D on Manu Ginobes and Tonay Parcare. V. impressive … Also shoutout to Kendrick Perkins’ wife’s friend sitting behind her … Illustrations of NBA players as their nicknames or something like that

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  1. “Summary: Gregg Popovich summed up last night’s game pretty well.

    You can tell there is a lot of trust in the Spurs coaching staff, judging by the fact he is just mad lounging on some dude’s knee.”

    I don’t get it. What does this mean?

  2. I was a little upset that the passing of Jack Twyman got just a passing mention on the TNT studio show. The man was a Hall of Famer on and off the court and deserved more. What he did for Maurice Stokes when one considers the racial climate of the time borders on saintly. RIP Jack, there is a special place in heaven for you.

  3. I’m not sure which is harder to watch right now: Ray Allen’s shooting; Tim Duncan in the post; or a gay porn star chopping some guy up and making sweet love to the various pieces.

    • Serious Q, why on earth does it matter if he’s gay in that situation? Is straight murderous necrophilia more palatable?

      • No problem. Serious answer: in this sentence, the word “gay” was used to modify the word “porn” and not necessarily the “star” in question. Videos of murderous necrophilia (gay or not) are not really my thing, but to each his own.

        A reaonable follow-up question would be why I called this guy a “star”…

        Also, lots of hyperbole with the original comparison here.

  4. 2 great things about the Durant clip (besides the dunk):

    1)- Red Rocket passing harmlessly by like a ginger in the night; and

    2) As Durant accelerates for the flush, Sefolosha’s standing at the top of the key waving his hands for the ball. Um, no.

  5. That assistant coach takes WAY too much pleasure in having Pop in his lap. Check out the lip lick.

  6. More anecdotes about Trey Kerby high school technicals plz

  7. SNATCHBOX 20??? Some of us read this blog at work, Trey. Keep it clean.

  8. Best part of the Durant clip? Reggie saying “I was coming with my but, Marv.”

  9. thank you thank thank you for picking up reggie’s line i swear i thought i was the only one that caught that….almost as bad as his wide open for a contested 3 doozey

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