We’ve seen a lot of flagrant fouls during this postseason, but this is the strangest of them all, by far. Thabo Sefolosha’s just trying to take a standard foul at the end of the quarter to muck up the Spurs’ offense, but it looks like Manu Ginobili catches him the tiniest bit off-guard and runs in to a Lex Luger forearm for his troubles.

Such a weird play, from the way it happened on down to Sefolosha not even arguing because he knows he clocked Manu in the chin, even though he was just trying to wrap him up to end the quarter. Nobody even got mad about this because it was so bizarre, which might actually be the strangest part.

(via Hardwood Paroxysm)

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  1. If they show me that graphic one more time describing the difference between a flagrant one and a flagrant two I’m going to scream louder than a Craig Sager outfit. If you haven’t figured it out after the thousand times they shoved it down our throats in the Miami Heat- Indiana Pacers series, you should just stop watching.

  2. He got caught on that one, yes, but Manu’s arms-in-the-air, knocked-on-the-floor, flopping act is on another level. If you accidentally hit him while opening a fridge, he would have the very same fall.

    • Yea, why is he doing it?! You got your hard foul, no flopping needed.

    • Speaking of the floppy flop, it made me laugh when Fish’s face was in disbelief of the call. C’mon Fish, recognize the flop technique. It’s what you do best (other than rainbow shots).

      I’m tired of every player complaining about fouls. So no one has ever committed a foul ever? Shut up and play!

  3. White man can fall!

  4. Wow… The one time he doesn’t need to sell it & he still flops?!? You do you, Manu.

  5. I don’t understand why this wasn’t made a bigger deal out of. Sefolosha is looking right at him the whole time (he’s not caught off guard at all.) He makes no play on the ball. He makes no attempt to wrap Ginobli up. He just straight out forearms him to the face. It’s an intentional clothesline and should have been a flagrant 2. What am I missing?

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