On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 4 of the Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: LeBron and Pierce fouling out, Wade’s game-winning look, Rondo carvin’ up the Heat’s D, Keyon Dooling’s sponsorship deals, Ray’s rhythm, Pietrus’ offensive rebounds, and the possibility of Bosh returning to Game 5. All that, plus Pharaohs, dodging post-game pressers, Durant’s Saturday night, and ESPN”s “Lost In Translation” moment.

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Comments (10)

  1. great job with the picture of Bosh on bench. He looks like hes having a valsalva maneuver moment himself. Don’t strain anohter Ab Chris.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Bc9L6JCHiJA#t=32s

    KD surprised about the perfect night from Ibaka

  3. Can we get an ATM reference on the show for the rest of the week? LOL

  4. Ha ha, GUTTENBERG as Skeet’s opening picture. Very unpopular in Germany nowadays…

  5. i have seen many make-up calls in this league.. but in game 4 of the ECF?
    and whats really perplexing.. i knew that the refs were going to toss one heat player after they called the sixth on pierce, but lebron!?! say hello to the boston garden..

  6. btw.. bosh really tries to remain the king of gifs, right?

    i mean, as you guys said, there was no reason for him to look like that (and it seemed like a whole series of different poop-faces to me)

    wery weird

  7. You didn’t mention Perkins is raising a pie-eating rabblerouser? For shame!


  8. I guess now we know who farted on Heat bench hahahah

  9. Now we know for certain the redundancy of the sideline report – it’s making instead of relaying the news. Doris Burke might be good at her job, but her job ought not to exist. I wish they would all respond like Popovich. Same with the post-game, podium pressers. Boohhhring. How dumb or easily entertained does one have to be to need to hear thoughts as conveyed by a pro athlete? They’re paid to play, and how they play is all that matters.

  10. Hey guys, I am a little late watching these episodes and trying to play catch-up. But, having just watched this and heard you say that you would love to know what was said between Doris Burke and Rondo after that post-game interview (not picked up by the mic), you can go here and listen to Doris’ take on it:


    (Skip to about 2:15)

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