For whatever reason, this playoffs seems to have been a bit of a coming out party for Jimmy Goldstein, despite the fact that he’s been sitting courtside at games across the country for years upon years. I don’t know how everyone missed a leather-clad Cryptkeeper for the past however many seasons, but more than ever, fans are noticing him. It’s been such a big year for him that he’s even got a pseudo-blog for GQ. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

In fact, Jimmy’s life — rich beyond belief with a secret fortune no one knows the origins of, traveling from city to city watching basketball, dating gorgeous models while looking like a human lizard — is so intriguing that even NBA players are jealous of him. From the San Antonio Express-News:

“I wish I could be like him,” Spurs player Stephen Jackson said. “I wish I could retire and just sit courtside and watch basketball every night.”

When a guy who has made $60 million in his career wants to leave it all behind to live your life, that’s when you know you’ve had a good life. Pretty strong endorsement for the Jimmy Goldstein Experience.

Now all of us need to do is find a way to get rich beyond our wildest dreams without anyone knowing how we did it, then we can make this a reality. That should be the easy part. Finding hundreds of leather fedoras will be the real challenge.

(via Marcel Mutoni)

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  1. Also, Wiki says his house was used in the Big Lebowski.

  2. Who’s that chick?

  3. no kidding, i remember, slightly

  4. Norb — They shot a Snoop music video there too once, and it’s been on architecture mag / book covers.

    Jeezy — Amalie Wichmann

    I think the most impressive thing about Jimmy is that he’s kept his career / path to wealth somehow a mystery. I say TBJ does a “Top 10 Careers Jimmy Goldstein Might’ve Had” list and get to the bottom of this.

  5. He’s a true basketball nerd. I respect anyone with the balls (money helps too, but not required) to pursue their true passions.

  6. side boob is the best shit on earth.

  7. That girl looks pissed that she has to have sex with that lizard man.

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