Ballin: 29-6-7 for LeBron, 15 and 15 for Rajon Rondo, 17 and 14 for KG, four threes for Ray Allen — lots of standard lines in yesterday’s game. So let’s give Udonis Haslem a shoutout for adding 17 rebounds to his 12 points. Cool for him. Still a terrible beard though.

Not so much: Not surprisingly, Paul Pierce fouled out of a big playoff game, his third disqualification in the last five games. More surprisingly, LeBron fouled out with about two minutes left, which is his first foul out since 2008. Best part is both of the sixth fouls came on dubious offensive fouls. Refs are just awesome.

Wrong Way Riegels: Great tip by the Celtics right here. Too bad the points went to the Heat.

Just grab the ball next time. That way we won’t have to endure a boring OT where only six points are scored. Take that suggestion with a grain of salt, but I think it’s pretty smart.

Do not worry: LeBron James on why he hasn’t tweeted recently — “‘My fans, I’m still with them, but I haven’t been on there.” OK, good.

Tough questions: It’s not often that LeBron has to answer questions about fouling out, which is probably why it’s so funny hearing him talk about it.

“Badownfalloud. Badownfalloud.”

Heads up: This might be the best Rajon Rondo opening tip maneuver we’ve seen thus far. That’s quite an accomplishment given all he’s achieved.

I gotcha: From an NBA memes standpoint, Rajon Rondo was this weekend’s MVP.

Between this, insulting the Heat, a solid Rondoing, some nice passes, and that bizarre Doris Burke moment at the end, Rondo was easily the internet’s most important player of the last few days.

Scorekeeper’s ruling needed: Should Brandon Bass get an assist on this Ray Allen three? Play-by-play data says yes, but that’s really generous towards a guy who just basically dropped a pass.

Other things: Chris Bosh might come back for Game 5, hopefully making this face … Congratulations go out to Amar’e Stoudemire, who just got engaged … The Bulls are targeting some names you’ve heard of, which means they probably won’t actually pay enough to get them … Rick Barry is styling …. Kaleb Cannolis is probably going to be the Blazers’ head coach

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  1. Hey Kerby check the title of the video before you post, cause that play by Rondo wasn’t last night

  2. That Rondo off Wade’s back was Friday night.

  3. I may not be too good at that there book learnin’ stuff but if i’m reading correctly i thought lbj only had 3 assist… making it a not so standard line from him

  4. And 7 turnovers isn’t really standard either. Or 4 out of 8 free throws.

  5. Rondo is operating on a meme level few of us can dream of

  6. Good catch bros. My bad. Updated.

  7. FYI – looks like Santa Bosh WILL be back for game 5. Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town!

  8. Looks like we need to update the NBA food puns post with Kaleb Cannolis

  9. Rondo is the most/best And1 type guy in the NBA, always such unorthordoix moves. Looks like this might be the Rondo game since they blew the last one. Kinda random but my fave Meme from this years playoffs is Duhon Travel Dance. any better ones?

    Kaleb Cannolis…Gotta love puns

  10. just curious, why isn’t there a Things of Note for Thunder/Spurs game 4?

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