Joke No. 1, courtesy of DeMarcus Cousins:

congrats to my homie @jimmerfredette and his big day …also his big night!! Haha

Joke No. 2, courtesy of the Denver Post:

Paper lanterns released during [Fredette's] rehearsal dinner in Centennial on Thursday night confused nearby residents and stirred up UFO talk. [...]

Viewers called in to 9NEWS to report “strange fiery lights” floating in the sky near Arapahoe and University. One viewer finally solved the mystery after one of the lanterns landed in her neighbor’s yard.

Sounds like a big weekend for JimmerJamz. Good thing the Kings didn’t make the playoffs because fitting in losing your virginity, starting a UFO hoax and playing basketball would be impossible. Sometimes playing on a bad team has its advantages, if you know what I mean (*wiggles eyebrows*).

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. Is he the first virgin in the NBA since AC Green?

  2. She looks like she’s 15.

  3. Well at least Jimmer knows to warn everyone about the flying lanterns for his next wedding. And the wedding after that…and the wedding after that…..

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