Pay attention Spurs and Thunder — if you meet the Heat in the NBA Finals, just make sure to exploit their “complaining and crying to the referees” weakness. I’ve heard from a very reliable source that taking advantage of those times is an easy way to score points in transition. Just an idea.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. Regine Rondo was pretty catty last night – angry meows – put the kitten claws away Rondo!

  2. That’s a pretty ballsy position for Rondo to take given that the Celtics basically accused the refs of fixing game 2. Now THAT was some of the most appalling whining I’ve ever seen in a basketball game…

  3. What i love most is that in the post game interview, not only did he not backpedal but he said……it’s true what i said. Well done Rondo, now go stick something in James ass next game. If you can take the ref’s and league’s dick out first

  4. For a team that has benefitted from loose refs for years not calling moving screens on them, the Celtics and Celtics fans sure do complain about refs a lot.

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