We’ve been tracking this mouthguard in the jersey thing here at the Jones for a while now, wondering if we’re actually seeing what we’re seeing — that some of the Celtics just spit their mouthguards in to their jerseys when they want to let their teeth breathe. Finally, last week we caught Rajon Rondo grabbing his out of his shirt, putting an end to the speculation that, yes, they are storing their mouthguards in their jerseys.

But then Marquis Daniels pulled the same trick last night, dropping a bright red mouthpiece in to his jersey after the game. I had to know what was going on here, so I emailed the Celtics’ equipment manager to see if maybe there was a sewn-in pouch that these guys were using to hold their mouthguards. His response:

No Pouch !

So basically, these guys just drop their mouthguards in their jerseys, counting on the waistband of their shorts to keep it from falling out. Pretty convenient, though having three feet of space where the mouthpiece can move leads to some frantic searching at times. Now you know and now you’ll notice every time they do it.

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  1. Did they consult with a dental hygienist before doing this? haha

  2. The Rondo-Spit surprised me, i always thought he sticks it in the shirt under the jersey to bind it there. It often looked like he uses just the length of his hand to get it out again. He has to use his hole arm to get it back from his groin region, im looking forward to see that happen.

    • All the way to his waist? Ha, I didn’t notice him ever reach that far.

      Pretty funny, I’m sure.

      • I did neither but IF he spits it in his jersey like he seemed to do in the video he has to. Normaly he does it like you described below i think:)

  3. They aren’t just in their jerseys, loosely around their waistline. They all wear the Under Armour, Adidas, or Nike “battle” gear form-fitting tanks underneath, so they stay pretty much in place under that spandex.

    But honestly, how big of dorks are all of us for even talking about this stuff? ha

    • “But honestly, how big of dorks are all of us for even talking about this stuff? ha”

      Yea youre right:) But i saw it so i was wondering too. Is it a magic trick? A Nipple piercing combined with a pocket filled with a cleaning lotion? Sorry im getting off a bit;)

  4. I totally saw Daniels do this last night and it reminded me of when women put money in their bras. Strange!

  5. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t go down to their waistband…
    They’re all wearing undershirt which are effectively skin tight, so they stretch it to drop the mouthguard like you can see Rondo do, and then let it go as they drop the guard which will stick it somewhere on your chest most likely, and then just reach in and grab it whenever.
    Kind of gross but also kind of effective if you want to get rid of the mouthguard for certain moments (i.e. timeouts or FTs as Rondo appears to do).

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