We’ve been tracking this mouthguard in the jersey thing here at the Jones for a while now, wondering if we’re actually seeing what we’re seeing — that some of the Celtics just spit their mouthguards in to their jerseys when they want to let their teeth breathe. Finally, last week we caught Rajon Rondo grabbing his out of his shirt, putting an end to the speculation that, yes, they are storing their mouthguards in their jerseys.

But then Marquis Daniels pulled the same trick last night, dropping a bright red mouthpiece in to his jersey after the game. I had to know what was going on here, so I emailed the Celtics’ equipment manager to see if maybe there was a sewn-in pouch that these guys were using to hold their mouthguards. His response:

No Pouch !

So basically, these guys just drop their mouthguards in their jerseys, counting on the waistband of their shorts to keep it from falling out. Pretty convenient, though having three feet of space where the mouthpiece can move leads to some frantic searching at times. Now you know and now you’ll notice every time they do it.