Last we heard from Andray Blatche, he was losing weight by cutting his hair. Before that, he was getting deactivated by the Wizards for being out of shape. Before that, he was being Andray Blatche, which is all the explanation you need for why he had his worst season since he was a rookie. Not a good year for 7-Day Dray.

But now that the season’s over, he has time to commit to training, just like he says he does every summer. To start, he’s began playing in a Miami men’s league called Gametime Lifestyle, that put together that video you see up top (Dray shows up a few times, most notably at the 1:15 mark). Because they have a strong internet presence, we should be able to easily keep track of his progress.

Having already watched the video — where it should be mentioned, Blatche actually does look skinnier, though it could just be the baggy t-shirt — let’s check in to see how he’s doing.

Andray Blatche being the leading scorer for a losing team in a random men’s league is just perfect. Some things never change.

(via SB Nation DC)