On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 5 of the Thunder-Spurs Western Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: James Harden’s huge three, Durant’s closing abilities, Duncan and Ibaka foul trouble, Westbrook’s jumper redemption, Spurs turnovers, Manu getting the start, and Daequan Cook’s contribution. All that, plus Game 6 pressure points, a Celtics-Heat prediction, and a TBJ movie.

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Comments (6)

  1. it’s a private video…

  2. Sergio Leone………? Really? :)) Hah

  3. “Basketball is my favourite sport, I love how they dribble up and down the court”….

    This should be a good show…

  4. that’s exaclty what I thought watching the game – Perk fouling out was the worst thing that could happen to the Spurs at that point, because up till then he kept botching up possessions and handing them opportunities to turn things aound. once he was out and the best possible Thunder lineup was on the floor I knew the Spurs are done.

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