Ballin: 27 points on 19 shots for Kevin Durant, which is even more impressive when you consider he had five on 1-6 shooting through the first half. Thumbs up, man.

Not so much: Gary Neal and Danny Green must have forgot they were Spurs last night, combining to go 0-8 with two points in 19ish minutes of play. The worst was when the Spurs got a wide-open three while James Harden, who was guarding Gary Neal, was tying his shoe. Naturally, Neal missed it.

Bold: Always remember, good offense beats good defense every time.

If the Thunder go on to win this year’s title, this is going to be a huge moment in the championship DVD. Like slow motion the entire time Harden has the ball huge. Not bad for a broken play.

Also ballin: 34 points on 21 shots — including five threes — for Manu Ginobili, who got his first start since March 23. Hate to waste a game like that.

Past prime: The Russell Westbrook clothing extravaganza is over, you guys. Last night, he wore a shirt you can buy at Urban Outfitters. It was fun while it lasted, but once he wore a shirt you’ll legitimately see somebody wearing on the street, it’s time to move on.

Oh, this too: There was a time, during the middle of the fourth quarter, when this was the biggest shot James Harden had ever hit.

Shoutout to you, Larry Johnson.

When we reminisce: Who among us didn’t think Tim Duncan was taking that very 2007-y three on the Spurs’ final meaningful possession? I sure did and I wish he would have taken it, just to see if he could catch lightning in a bottle twice (or alternately, if lightning could strike twice, depending on your preferred lightning metaphor).

High jump: Russell Westbrook is so good at leaping.

The best part of a huge Russell Westbrook dunk like this one is how it seems like he’s dunking it on the way up, like he could throw down the same play if the Thunder were playing on 12-foot rims.

Other notable highlights: So many great plays in the signature game of this year’s playoffs so far, so let’s get through them — Nick Collison had a nice dunk over Tim Duncan early on … Tim Duncan threw a crazy outlet pass for an easy Spurs score … Manu Ginobili’s three festival … There was also an amazing spin move and tough layup that Ginobes hit during the second half that I highly recommend if you can catch a replay … Also recommended is Kevin Durant stepping through a double team and hitting a really tough bank shot.

Other things: Gregg Popovich had a four-word interview with Craig Sager, so let’s not do that any more. Diminishing returns and all that … Here’s Jimmy Goldstein creeping on the “Inside the NBA” set … The Lakers picked up their option on Andrew Bynum, no duh … The Wizards are keeping Randy Wittman around … Neil Olshey is leaving the Clippers to be the Trail Blazers’ GM, meaning he now has a double curse on his knees … JaVale McGee and the Lorax OR Ian Mahinmi at Medieval Times?