Can’t you just feel Kenny Smith seething with anger as he realizes his Russell Westbrook bit is getting buried by Shaq eating a papier-mâché Charles Barkley? He just knows that the next morning no one is going to care at all that he realized Russell Westbrook’s shirt looks like a kaleidoscope. Even after he gets the joke off, Shaq just ignores it to go back to the piñata. Bad timing, man.

But hey, if you want some good Kenny Smith action, check out this ancient “Inside the NBA” clip of Ernie and Kenny talking about the Shaq-Barkley fight, who were still in the league at that point. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed. You decide if it’s for the better or not.

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  1. This is exactly why Shaq needs to leave the show. He just doesn’t fit, his humor doesn’t fit, it’s just bad chemistry. Leave Shaq on NBA TV where he can mess around all he wants with Dennis Scott, and bring Chris Webber back to Inside the NBA.

    • Motion seconded.

    • O’Neal needs to go. Please draw up a petition or something.

    • Agreed. Chris Webber was perfect, shaq is just putrid. Also for a man who won’t shut up about his (purchased) PhD he can’t spell. On this last show he emphasized some inane point by spelling out the word flop. Well not flop but rather F-L-A-U-P. Did anyone else catch this.

  2. “and I see the kids in the park” … creepy kenny, creepy.

  3. shaq is destroying inside the nba. everytime he speaks I get worried/bored by him ruining the flow with some stupid comment/action, exactly like the pinata incident, the others didnt find it funny at all.

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