On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 5 of the Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: Whether Miami’s loss should be pinned on LeBron, Rondo’s tip-pass turning point, Bosh’s minutes, the Heat’s brutal transition defense, Pierce’s cold-blooded three, podium pussies, and 2012 Kevin Garnett. All that, plus denim vests, jogging, a Thunder-Spurs prediction, and the Internet’s hottest new meme — Good Job, Good Effort Kid.

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Comments (16)

  1. Why does LeBron get blamed for everything? This is a team game, you lose as a team and win as a team.

  2. Last night’s 2nd-4th quarter looked like Sheer Talent (Miami) vs. Sheer Execution (Boston). Hero Ball vs. Pure Basketball. Miami stayed in the game because they had superior talent in Wade & Bron. If Miami had better coaching, this would not have been close.

    Stan Van to Miami?

  3. I don’t know how Skeets kept a straight face while saying “tickled our balls”.

  4. It’s weird how we get on Wade for taking that last shot, but didn’t get on Pierce for taking the shot over LeBron. Outcome dictates a lot of how we feel towards certain things.

    • You’re comfortable w/ Pierce taking that 3. He’s a good shooter, and he’s hit those dagger shots time and again. Wade is a 25% 3-pt. shooter for his career, and it’s not a shot he should take, down 2, w/ 17 secs left, while Chalmers is standing there wide open.

  5. The Celtics are just a better team and match up well with Miami. Better closers. Better passers. Better shooters. Better defense. They swept the season series and should close out game six in Boston.

  6. C’mon dude, how are you gonna pin this on Lebron. I’m a Celtic fan and I wouldn’t even do that. What’s Lebron averaging this series and these playoffs? You can argue that they wouldn’t even be here if Lebron didn’t carry the team early against the Pacers. It’s not that simple to just “drive” the ball against the Celtics – there defence is good for a reason. Also, he did drive but was blocked dude. KG is a premier defender. Celtics won the game, Heat didn’t lose it.

    • Omega, there’s not doubt that this was a game that the Celtics won, but unfortunately for us Lebron shrunk from the moment in this game as did in the finals last year and has done before in a number of big moments and game. Is he putting up incredible numbers in the series and in playoffs? Yes. Is he the biggest reason they advanced past the Pacers? Yes. But did he completely disappear in the 4th quarter of this game? Yes, he did. Absolutely.

      Boston plays great defensive basketball, but there is no player on this planet that can prevent Lebron from getting to the rim when he decides he wants to get there. Not Pietrus, not Pierce. No one. Yes, Garnett blocked him at the rim. It was a great play by a great player but if you are Lebron and you are literally built to take it to rim and get baskets and/or draw fouls (and there isn’t a referee in this league who won’t give you the benefit of the whistle) there is no way one block should dissuade you from driving again.

      No, the unfortunate truth is that the NBA’s most gifted athlete annihilates the opposition until late in the game when the score is close and his teams needs him most. It’s possible that he is the greatest three and a half quarter player we’ll ever see, but unless he drastically changes I don’t want him at the end of the game. Give me chubby, slow, wonky-kneed old Paul Pierce. Give me Pierce because at the end of last night’s game he wanted the ball when it truly mattered and had the confidence to take a shot he’d been missing all night.

  7. Joey Jeremiah was a car dealer, who had a stepson on the newer Degrassi, not a teacher. Get your Degrassi knowledge up son!

  8. 2 related things. 1. Why did Joel not play AT ALL in this game? 2. Why haven’t two bigs played together at all this series? Spo refuses to play Haslem and Joel together for whatever. I think you forgo some of the spacing playing Battier gives you in order to solidify the D. Even when Bosh came back in it was still him at the 5.

  9. Tas certainly was spitting fire today! (And dead on about Lebron)

    Couldn’t agree more about the Rondo and Garnett post-game interviews. I love how cranky Rondo is in these interviews, and of course Garnett is nuts. I’d definitely watch a Rondo & Garnett reality show. Cranky and Crazy. It’d be so great. Though maybe a cop show would be even better…

  10. C’mon Tas….it’s not all on Lebron. It’s a coaching issue on offense. Both the Heat and Celtics are better defensive teams than the Spurs and OKC Thunder flatout. The main issue that has caused Miami to lose these past three games has been their inability to create a disruptive pace for the Celtics. If it is a half-court game the Celtics will outplay them (barring LBJ/Wade heroics). HOWEVER, if it’s a track-meet the Celtics don’t stand a chance. MIA needs to bombard them consistently to win.

    Also, I’m sick of the hyperbole…if Pietrus and Pierce miss two clutch threes we are talking about a completely different game and you would be lambasting the Celts. Tas makes it sound like the Heat sucked….I’m not sure we are watching the same game. It was hard fought…but it was the Celtics PACE and as such they won. If the Heat run up the score and get to 100+ they will not only win but dominate…And we have seen this for stretches. In game 5 they did just this..they played a significantly quicker style but were not as careful with the ball as they needed to be….Nonetheless they got a 12 or so point lead because the Celts (a jump shooting team) were missing some shots that turned into QUICK points. They also did this in game one.

    The OKC/SA series is analogous. OKC was able to take control of the series because they created a frenetic pace and took the Spurs out of their sets by exploiting their inferior speed/old age (it doesn’t hurt that the Thunder were making shots as well).

  11. Laughed out loud when Skeets said “tickling our balls”

  12. Again… all player interviews are a waste of time. I commend LeBron and Dwyane for their neglect of the post-game press.

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