Gregg Popovich hates answering questions and we all love him for it, which is a weird conundrum but this is not The Discussions About the Role of Media in the 21st Century Jones, so let’s just acknowledge this point and move on. Whether it be a four-word interview during a game of a “Geez oh wiz” during a postgame podium sesh, Pop is never shy to show his disdain for stupid questions.

He hates answering questions so much, in fact, that he’s going to run his insults up the chain of command until even editors know it’s not worth interviewing him. That’s what happened yesterday at Spurs practice and The Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry was on hand to document the exchange.

Question to Gregg Popovich: “Do you ever feel like too much of a big deal is made of officiating when it comes to the Playoffs?”

Pop: “I don’t know. We haven’t mentioned it at all. Is somebody mentioning it?” Reporter: “No.” Pop: “Then why do you ask that question?”

Reporter: “Because I have a boss.” Pop: “Tell your boss to think of a better question.”

I feel like if this would have kept going, Pop would have ended up saying things like “And tell your publisher to find a more environmentally friendly printer” orĀ  “Maybe you should talk to your business development people about reworking their subscription model.” Throwing shots at an editor is pretty deep, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Gregg Popovich could go Cobb on this thing and take it even deeper. He’s a smart guy. I’m sure he knows how newspapers work and could easily come up with a few more journalism zingers.