Ballin: 26 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, a steal and two blocks for Kevin Garnett, who will happily tell you that he’s not too old to be performing at such a high level. Well, maybe “happily” isn’t the right word.

Not so much: LeBron James didn’t score from the 8:10 mark to the 0:09 mark in the fourth quarter. I’m sure no one will mention this though, since LeBron’s fourth quarter performance is one of those things that tends to fly under the radar.

Tip drill: Finishing possessions is just as important as playing on-ball defense. Just ask the Heat, who didn’t finish this possession.

I am not 100 percent convinced that Rondo’s tip was anything more than him tipping the ball out to an area where he knew there was a player, only to see the ball serendipitously go directly to Mickael Pietrus’ hands, but it’s still a great play even if that’s the case. So let’s just agree that this was a complete and total pass. Way more fun that way.

All that glitters: Not everything was perfect on the Rondo-Pietrus connection, however. Early in the game, Rondo hit Pietster on a backdoor bounce pass, only to see Pietrus completely bonk the wide-open dunk. They made up for it though, I’d say.

Rando: Not to mention, one of the worst backcourt violations you’ll ever see.

Inspiration: Sorry Fat Grizzlies Kid, we have a new favorite child lunatic.

This kid is going to be a great middle manager some day. For now, just buy this “Good Effort” shirt because of laughs and because all proceeds go to the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute. Thumbs up for rock and roll.

Scurry: Watch your groin, Rajon Rondo.

Cruel and unusual: I don’t know about you guys, but I think a $1,000,000 fine for flopping is a bit excessive.

That being said, if every player that flopped was fined a million bucks, we probably wouldn’t have flopping. Might as well threaten execution too, while we’re at it.

Welcome back: Chris Bosh returned last night, putting up nine points and seven rebounds in 14 weirdly spaced minutes. As you might expect, a Bosh face reared its head. Good to have that back in our lives.

Other things: Of all the unorthodox plays Rajon Rondo made last night, his one-handed rebound layup was probably my favorite … Kevin Garnett needs one of those dentist sucky tubes … No ESPN, the Heat are not one win from the Finals … Paul Pierce played the entire first half in a pair of white Nike Air Legacy 3s that didn’t look right with the Celtics’ road jerseys, only to switch to a black pair for the second half. He scored twice as many points and hit a huge three in the second half, so let’s think about what that means … Hey, there is a dunk on your face, James Jones … Even the Miami Marlins got a taste of the Chris Bosh face

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  1. Wade Cried like a bitch waaaaaa i want a callll nowww waaaaaaa

  2. Roondooooooooooooooooo

  3. lol @ wade. what a joke he’s become

  4. Rondo’s tip to Pietrus over Lebron was the best play in this game ……………

  5. so, everything I have heard about rondo, if they win it all, he might win play-off mvp?

    • Nah, I think Kevin Garnett has been more valuable overall (although Rondo has been so much fun to watch).

    • I like Rondo as MVP. Symbolic for the change from the big three era to the Rondo era which will come. Although credit would be given to all of them, obviously.

      • I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but there is no award called Play-Off MVP. There is only the Finals MVP, so it would only look at that sereis in particular, if they make it.

        • Of course youre right but it doesnt matter. We understood.
          That beside, do you think some other mavs player would have become the mvp trophy if Nowitzki wasnt the best player in the last 6 games against the putty-soft heat?

          Not sure about the grammar, englisch isnt my native:)

  6. I could watch that Gif of Wade, KG’s dunk and PP’s 3 all day. :P ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  7. gotta love the way how JVG can be funny just by over-stressing words… more often than not, his rants are hilarious to me.

    I really loved his bit on juggling during game 4 btw, when breen asked him “if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?” and JVG, without missing a beat said: “juggling. I love juggling.” he just knows how to deliver a joke, no matter how funny it actually is. unlike reggie miller, of course. ugh.

  8. What in the world is LeBron doin on that KG Dunk??!?! Is he trying to guard Rivers?

    I don’t hate LeBron, but can someone please take that money back from him, he clearly does not deserve it!

    • Had the same question also…. He was supposed to guard the trailing KG, and then he even has the nerve to raise his arms in a “What are you guys doing” manner?!? Weak…

      • actually it was on Bosh. He went after Pierce. In what world is he asigned to guard Pierce? unless he was actually hiding from Garnett. Bosh and Miller went after him and left KG wide open. Lebron was probably guarding ray allen on that play.

  9. not the playoffs, but my favorite kid is the fat kid in the pink shirt at a nets game

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