According to Twitter, Paul Pierce yelled “I’m cold-blooded!” after hitting that dagger of a three-pointer in LeBron James’ mug. I’ve never studied the art of lip-reading, but after having seen a shot like that, I’m inclined to believe it’s true. Very weird and specific brag, but also very accurate.

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    Al Harrington threw up a little watching that 3, remembering Pierce doing the same to him in 03′. Only in that instance, Paul let Al know about his blood tempature pre-shot. GREAT video of it on that link, though it was filmed with a potatoe.

  2. I was under the impression he said “I am so black”

  3. Was that a Chappelle show reference?!

  4. I thought he was saying “I’m sooo bad, I’m so bad.”

  5. Look at that intense coaching by Keyon Dooling in the huddle! M I Z

  6. Look at that coaching by Keyon Dooling in the huddle! M I Z

  7. RT @engeljen: Overheard: Pierce on his way back to huddle after draining monster 3 “I got your five, six, seven right here bitches”.

  8. Once again Paul Pierce confirms “he’s a legend in his own mind”. The simple truth is he couldn’t carry Larry Bird’s jockstrap to the laundry without getting lost! I am thrilled for the Celtics winning once again however I can do without his theatrics!

    • Pierce has scored more and lasted longer than Bird – Pierce is in his 14th year and seems to have 2-3 more good years – Bird was retired after 13 years – I love Larry but I hate when Celtics fans won’t allow current Celtics similar respect.

    • Stop hating. The guy just made a huge shot, it’s not like he went crazy. It’s okay to celebrate a bit. Also, don’t be so quick to compare him to Larry legend. As soon as Pierce got some decent teammates he made it to the finals 2 times since 08 and possibly a 3rd if they close out this series – that isn’t too bad.

    • Who said anything about Bird?

      I hate PP and I hate how effing well he’s playing. That three wasn’t a dagger, it was Excalibur. Respect.

    • Larry Bird talked more trash than Pierce. The same stuff you dislike Pierce for, Larry Legend did twice-over.

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