On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown Game 6 of the Thunder-Spurs Western Conference Finals. Topics discussed include: Kevin Durant’s unstoppable second half, Russell Westbrook’s dagger and-1, Derek Fisher’s big shots, the questionable officiating (especially Stephen Jackson’s technical foul call), Tony Parker’s up-and-down night, and Tiago Splitter getting lambasted by Pop. All that, plus Conference Finals Champions t-shirts, slippery floors, Los Pigeons, “Skip Melas,” and TNT.

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  1. This video is private?

  2. You guys got something to hide?

  3. Thoughts…

    - Did Tas wink at me at the start of the show?
    - Although i was cheering on OKC, i hate how the refs gave away calls
    - Russel’s shot selection needs improvement.
    - KD.. not sure what planet hes from, cause hes on FIRE!!
    - I want a shirt too.. and a hat.. it looked nice!
    - Pop’s interviews. Amazing. Could TNT have him as an analyst? Seriously, i would love to see how he analizes the game… he can replace the distracted shaq.. moving papers and staring off screen.. shaqs weird
    - DERRICK FISHER, the SPUR KILLA (new guy for wu tang)
    - anyways.. boston ends tonight and OKC wins 6

  4. I’m not sure about that harden “flop” – how about illegal screen? It’s one of these little dirty tricks vets do… when manu passes the ball, he’s not allowed to run around the floor and into people… Take a second look at it.. its planned that way from manu, and it’s a illegal screen!!

    • It would be an illegal screen.. if he actually screened Harden. Harden didn’t try to get to the shooter, but chose to sell the contact to get a call instead. If Harden tries to fight through it.. different story. Therefore it was definitely more than a flop than an illegal screen.

      • I disagree, Ginobili was setting a moving screen – that’s illegal.

        Worst call I though was the one on Duncan, when Fisher flopped ( as usual ).

  5. Skeets i am with you, that taunting like SJax did it, shouldnt be called. But its the rules and the refs gotta stick to it. So theres nothing pathetic on this call.

  6. To be honest, I was really surprised KD put on a hat and shirt. Seems like he would want to set an example that this was not their goal. Somewhere, you know KG was watching, listening to all the 23 year old talk, and holding on to it for motivation. And that’s the bigger storyline. The Celtics weren’t supposed to be here. Hell, for a while, it was questioned if they would even make the playoffs. Then to take down the Heat (which will happen), who were the favorites, and then beat the Thunder would be an incredible story line. The Celtics have a lot more balls and fire than the Spurs. The Thunder will win someday. But I wanna see the old dogs win one more when no one thought it was possible.

  7. The Mavs celebration from last year (MASSIVE MAGNUM OF BUBBLY) will be tough to top. Not sure if that was in the Championship DVD, but Mavs really did seem to enjoy that title last year.

  8. If it’s Celtics vs. Thunder in the finals, could you imagine if illegal screens were properly called? It would be Cole Aldrich vs Ryan Hollins at center by halftime.

  9. The best explanation for the Spurs’ collapse is a quote by Rasheed Wallace back in the day.

    In high pressure situations, “a lot of them jump shots, the buttholes get tight.”

    The role players on the Spurs are jump shooters, and many have not been in these high pressure situations (WCF road game in the loudest arena in the planet?!!). Their buttholes got tight.

  10. Backdoor sweep is what you’re looking for.

  11. one of my favorite tbj shows of the year guys! fun stuff

  12. Manu was called for a screen on the Kawhi three? From everything I’ve read, it was called a charge and I thought I saw the official make that signal.

  13. The way these playoffs have been officiated, Thunder-Heat would be a two-week FT shooting contest. They might as well play HORSE for the title if Miami comes back and makes the Finals.

  14. In the US, you can rent a car anywhere at 21, many places at 18. There is a surcharge to rent it if you are under 25, hence the confusion.

  15. Two of the things I was struck by this game were Westbrook’s confidence alley-oop from Durant (Russell’s one of those emotional players who becomes much more dangerous when he gets amped up after a play like that) and Duncan being strangely hesitant during OKC’s huge run in the 3rd quarter. And I also thought Splitter deserved more burn despite making that one defensive mistake. Way to be on target, Tas!

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