Here is a hypothetical situation for everyone to consider. You have a child who loves basketball and want them to learn the game from an NBA player. Which player do you choose?

The easy answer, of course, is JaVale McGee. After all, where else can they learn the intricacies of making basketball hilarious? Since that is the most important thing, that’s what you must consider first and foremost.

Lucky for all you parents out there, this hypothetical can be a reality since JaVale McGee is actually hosting a basketball camp in Denver.

All Summer Camp Participants receive a future Nuggets Game Ticket, Nuggets Camp T-shirt, Nuggets Wristband, and a Nuggets Basketball!

JaVale McGee is scheduled to appear*!

The potential for disaster in this is so great that I am seriously considering shaving my beard, getting one of those hats that is an animal, plunking down $200 and posing as a 15-year-old just so I can see what actually goes on at this thing.

Will JaVale McGee teach kids how to run the wrong way on offense? Might he tutor them on the fine art of missing dunks from the free throw line? Or the best way to goaltend? Just about the only thing we can rule out is JaVale teaching proper post positioning technique, but everything else is on the table. Like, literally everything.

But since I’m not actually 15 years old and will not be in attendance, I’m just going to mark this in my calendar and track the progress of these kids in their basketball careers. Thanks to JaVale McGee, there’s a very real chance we’ll have a pipeline of hysterical ballers coming out of Colorado over the next decade. I, for one, would be very OK with that.