One of the best parts of a team celebrating a milestone victory, whether it be winning a title or advancing to the NBA Finals, is seeing how they wear their commemorative hats in the postgame maelstrom that comes from their big win. Take, for instance, Dirk Nowitzki wearing his hat every way imaginable after last year’s championship. You take 20 guys, give them hats and make them put ‘em on and you’re bound to see some silly fashions.

That’s exactly what happened last night, as the Thunder took the Western Conference finals and sported some hilarious hat styles in the on-court celebration that followed. I mean, even Mo Cheeks, a 55-year-old assistant coach, was wearing a tilted fitted, if that gives you any indication as to what took place on the Thunder’s heads.

What follows is a look at a bunch of celebration shots with the best hat-wearer excerpted for your admiration.

Royal Ivey starts things off with a VERY bold hat move, somehow keeping a drastic sideways tilt on his head while simultaneously looking like a perfect 50-50 combination of Eric Bledsoe and Mickael Pietrus. Tour de force performance from a guy who played five minutes in the series. Way to go for it.

We see you, Nazr Mohammed, trying to hide your early-2000s Fabolous hat flow. Nice try.

Does Reggie Jackson’s head just stop a couple of inches above his eyebrows? That would explain why the crown of his lid is so baggy. There is really no other explanation.

Everything about Kendrick Perkins screams, “Yeah whatever.” Or mumbles, I guess.

But the hat MVP, by far, was James Harden who sported a few different looks, ranging from urban yarmulke to something from the “Motownphilly” video. This guy really knows how to wear a hat.

All in all, for a bunch of guys who are relatively new to the hat celebration, great job. I’d like to have seen a stronger performance from Cole Aldrich, since we know what he’s capable of, but that’s just a minor quibble. But this is a really good start for the Thunder, hat-wise. It’ll be interesting to see what they can come up with if they win the NBA championship.