Ballin: Just a 34, 15 and 5 line in a closeout game for Kevin Durant. Wonder if anyone will mention that if LeBron has a bad game tonight.

Not so much: If you’re going to follow a 20-game win streak with a 4-game losing streak, it is recommended to not have the losing streak come during the Western Conference finals. Miss you already, Spurs.

Leapfrog: Another huge Russell Westbrook dunk to add to the collection.

This guy is very good at jumping. So good.

Dumb dumb, part one: Here is something Reggie Miller said about San Antonio that is stupid — “The Spurs are having a stalemate on offense.”

Bad history: Last night’s blown lead was the biggest halftime blown lead in Spurs’ postseason history.

Drop the pressure: Who among us did not love Stephen Jackson going 6-7 from three last night?

To be honest, going in to the playoffs, I didn’t think he still had it in him. Very happy to be proven wrong.

Dumb dumb, part 2: Here is something Reggie Miller said about Oklahoma City that is stupid — “I hope America and the nation embrace this team.”

Always and forever: Since the dawn of time, Derek Fisher has been hitting big shots.

That wink didn’t actually mean anything. Derek Fisher just got exhaled some dust in to his hard contact lenses, that’s all.

Flop City Midwest: Halfway through the fourth quarter, Kevin Durant took a charge on Manu Ginobili, negating an amazing flippity shot. According to the AP, it was Durant’s first taken charge of the year. It was also an enormous flop, so maybe he should stay at zero.

Addendum: It was also a flop when James Harden took a charge on Manu Ginobili by running in to Manu as he tried to close out on a Kawhi Leonard corner three. C’est la vie.

Other things: Kendrick Perkins hit a fadeaway jumper last night, so restart the calendar on that rare event … It seems Gregg Popovich was upset with Tiago Splitter, probably because he was exhausted from his 23-word interview with Craig Sager from earlier in the night … Hilarious and-one by Gary Neal, who benefited from the longest continuation since the late-90s … The ONE time Tim Duncan doesn’t pump fake this happens … Very jaunty rebound pose from Kendrick Perkins right here … One of the best foul calls in NBA history happened last night

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  1. Hopefully this does not turn into what happened for Cleveland with Lebron James when they went to the final. The amount of pressure that is going to be on Kevin Durant is going to be insane.

  2. I don’t think it will because the Thunder are WAAAY better than those Cavs were. I’ll be rooting for the Celtics in a big way, but I don’t see either East team beating the Thunder.

  3. I like to consider it Karma when people flop and Ginobili gets called for the foul. I don’t think there’s enough time in life for things to balance out though before he retires.

    • I have to agree, I think Ginobili is a great player but flopping coming back to really hurt the Spurs is pretty poetic.

  4. I am happy for the Thunder as they were definitelty the better team and had the engery and desire to win. I also like Kevin Durrant because not only is he a great player, he is also humble and has respect for the other teams. I also love how he hugs his mama after every game! I like the Spurs too but they have four championships and time for a new one to win it all (Tim Duncan is a great guy who also is not full of himself) They have some great role players like Ibaka and Sefelosha and they play as a team not like the Heat and the “big three”
    Go OKC!!!

  5. Reggie Miller really does say a lot of dumb things (e.g. that shouldn’t be a tech on Stephen Jackson, I built my career on that move).

  6. Also, Shaq did this during halftime:

  7. Did Leigh Ellis call it???

  8. I don’t know where else to post this. Chalmers, Miller, Battier, and James Jones went a combined 4 for 14, or 28%, from 3 point territory. Melas has been blaming James, but those guys need to hit their (very open) jumpers if Miami wants any chance to win.

    Also, congrats to OKC!

  9. OKC is a great team with a lot of likeable guys, so congrats to them. They earned this. Although there is a part of me that hates the shit out of Clay Bennett. Fuck you, Clay Bennett! I hope you are burned to death by fiery AIDS.

    That being said… Go Thunder!

  10. When I see Mo Cheeks, I always think of when helped that girl sing the national anthem, good times.

  11. That Bill Kennedy GIF doesn’t do enough justice to what I agree, is one of the best foul calls ever.

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