And just like that, a nation of Heat haters reconsidered their position.

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  1. Shit…Go Heat, I guess.

  2. Why can’t I strangle him? Why isn’t this working?

  3. I blame Lebron.

  4. he isn’t funny

  5. I’m pretty sure he stole this from Louis CK, errrr….

  6. I didn’t watch the video but fuck Dane Cook.

  7. I hate dane cook, and strongly dislike the celtics, but i root for what ever team plays against the heat

  8. Has Bill Simmons seen this?

    This offense is egregiousness enough to sway die-hard celtics fans.

  9. It is no coincidence that the Celtics got smoked last night. Please root for the Heat, Dane. It seems more fitting anyways. .

  10. Who is that man? I am from germany…

  11. I just let the whole thing play, and now I feel like either shooting myself in the head or going out and playing lazy defense, confused offense, and just abandoning the whole offensive rebounding idea…

    Still can’t root for the Heat though…

  12. that thumbnail pretty much sums up how much of a douche he is and how annoying the video will be. im not watching it.

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