Up next on CTV, Brian Cardinal with traffic. Then tune in later to catch Chris Kaman with a piece on the latest in squirrel fashions.

(via Ananth Pandian)

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  1. So no one told Ron that’s 14 degrees celsius?

  2. Not to be immature, you guys, but Chris Kaman his pants. It never gets old.

  3. “It’s like 11 degrees everywhere…”

    The big screen in the back says otherwise, my friend…

  4. Oh man. I wasn’t gonna watch this at first because I thought it would be dumb.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    Thank you metta world dad.

  5. “Victoria, she sounds like she hot, but its cold” Ron Mettest World B. Free you’re an inspiration

  6. Calls Washington state an island

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