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On today’s show, The Jones discuss whether the Thunder would rather face Boston or Miami in the Finals, the Spurs’ future (and whether their championship window has closed … again), if the Steve Nash-to-Chicago rumor has any legs, and we pitch the NBA’s marketing department on some unusual merchandise.

All that, plus the NBA’s Social Media Awards, Metta World Weatherman, JaVale McGee’s basketball camp, pun-gun fun, and an epic “Tweet of the Weak.”

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. I prefer to think of it like this: what would be funnier, the Heat doing worse than last year by not even making it to the finals or the Heat losing perpetually year after year in the finals?

  2. Football changed the overtime rules for the playoffs, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented for the NBA to do something similar. I wouldn’t mind the extra foul just for the playoffs. Keep in mind that for teams like the Heat, Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, etc. the regular season serves as sort of a tinkering session for coaches, and having other guys step up in overtime during the regular season could actually be beneficial for playoff play-calling.

    • You beat me to the punch about OT. The NHL and NFL have seen relatively major overtime rule changes in a relative recent manor. The NHL introduced the shootout rule and NFL introduced their rule about the extra possession in the playoffs. Not to mention the NFL just introduced the rule about kickoffs. So Melas, do you want the NBA to be more like the proactive leagues or like the most antequated league on the planet that cares so little about its fans that it doesn’t worry when their actual stadiums are operating at less than half capacity for a majority of games.

  3. Big fan of Leigh’s pronunciation of “Okalhomer.”

  4. Selling knives door-to-door is the kind of activity that makes me fairly certain that Matt went to yeshiva high school.

  5. c.l. smooth is the counterpart of pete rock

    greg nice is the counterpart of smooth b.

    a+ for effort though

    • Fair. Though, Nice and Smooth made multiple songs together.

      Hold on. Totally gettin’ my Smooth’s mixed up here. Where does Josh Smith come into play?

  6. Best Lebron game ever. Not only for the stats and the shooting percentage but because of the tangibility of his metaphysical dominance on that game. It was strange to see him play that seriously, he was out for blood that game.

    I don’t see the Heat losing game 7, it’s hard to imagine him not carrying over that form. He hit that “extra gear” in that game.

    • This was the LeBron people have been expecting to see. And he finally brought it.

      Though I am a little concerned/curious; is there something wrong with Dwyane Wade? Is he a little dinged up, a little worn out, or is his confidence wavering? Because he’s been basically a non-factor recently.

      • LeBron’s impressive stats are usually siphoned from the rest of the team… When Chalmers scores a little bit less or has fewer assists, it’s not as noticeable as when they come from Wade.

        The Heat are usually scarier when both of them have great games, not when one of them has a legendary game. A win’s a win though, and the Celtics weren’t doing a thing anyway.

    • I hope Lebron keeps trying to shoot jumpers in that fashion. He repeatedly kept taking mid to long range twos. Celtics are fine with that assuming he snaps back to reality (he will)

  7. Perfect show! I had so many laughs people started starring at me in the train…

  8. Anchor : Steve Nash
    Anchor : Shane Battier
    Field : Dirk Nowitzki
    Special Reports : Kevin Garnett
    Weather : Javale McGee
    Traffic : Stephen Jackson
    Sports : Lebron James


  9. Lead Anchor : Javale McGee – seeing him under pressure and trying to hold the show together would be hilarious
    2nd Banana : Michael Beasley – Super cool Beas tries so hard to be the lead anchor and in doing so diminishes the value of the whole program
    Field : Ron Artest – The dude loves mingling with people and you never know when he may snap and just start fighting people on the street.
    Special Reports : Stephen Jackson – Same reason as artest but with guns. Yeah we’re raising the stakes here at Channel 4
    Weather : Dwight Howard – He loves the spotlight and every day there is an obligatory trite “How’s the air up there” joke.
    Traffic : Reggie Evans – Maybe its just me but there’s something funny about seeing this guy in a helicopter
    Sports : Popovich – Can I do that? He clearly hates talking on camera and we’d get so many brutally honest soundbites from him.

  10. I think the best play of the year was the bullet pass by Ginobli. That was awesome.

  11. Lead Anchor: Nate Robinson (Is he even in the nba anymore)
    Co-Anchor: Hasheem Thabeet (As above)
    Field: Glen Davis (Because he is clearly a man of the people)
    Specials: Matt Bonner (In the hope that “A Bonner Exclusive” is mispronounced)
    Traffic: JJ Redick (Because he’s good from long range?)
    Weather: Brad Miller (He enjoys the outdoors)

    All good roles players.

  12. Lebron needs to point at Dane Cook and go “This is your fault! This is your fault!”

  13. Thunder also have some key FAs this season too – Harden & Ibaka.

    With both KD & Westbrook commanding max contracts, how many more big contracts can OKC continue to dish out?

    Spurs ain’t dead yet! Their front office will always keep them relevant.

  14. You can’t make up stuff like JizzyTeacup

  15. So if the Thunder win, KD is the best player in the world. Heat win, it’s LeBron. But if the Celtics win…..still LeBron?

  16. Traffic: Delonte West, reporting on it live from his ATV. And he could deliver special features on area fast food restaurants. He’s a roadie and a foodie.

  17. Hey guys, Idea for the 6th foul conundrum: When only 5 players are active and available, and one fouls out, NBA prohibits only having 4 players on the court (this happened with the warriors recently). Each foul after the 6th is treated by adding a technical foul to the foul. Make this the rule for EVERY foul. Every foul after the 6th is treated normally, but a freethrow is added. Foul on a made basket? now it’s two shots. Foul on a 3 pointer? Four shots. Maybe you could even have it escalate so the 7th foul added 2 shots to the regular foul to discourage players ending up with 10 fouls, as that player would be such a risk to have on the court.

  18. Boris Tical FTW

  19. there is no way lebron gets less criticism from a thunder loss than a celtics loss. his performance in game 6 is exactly why- he showed he can will his team to a win in a must win situation, if he can’t do it again then he’s letting them down.

  20. How bout Rubio for field reporter? You get the accent and the man-cuteness.

  21. Play of the year: Kevin Love game winner against LAC. “Are you not entertained?”



    Boris Ticaaallllll

  23. definitely gotta agree that DeAndre would be a great anchor

    he got the news anchor look down:

    • As for the other positions:
      Anchor : Steve Nash – Gotta have some contrast in the two positions, and I think next to DeAndre, you need a small white guy.
      Field : Manu Ginobili – I think you gotta get someone used to playing second banana. Sometimes though, you want to stick the guy that you know wants to be anchor in this spot though, so maybe… Russell Westbrook, and he’ll just look pissed off having to do field reports when you know he wants to be the anchor.
      Special Reports : Nate Robinson – he’d be great at covering the weird storylines. Added benefit of being able to play the “What will nate jump over today” segment.
      Weather : Tim Duncan – Gotta get the guy that sounds nice and makes everyone feel relaxed. Helps he can stand in one spot and reach anywhere on the map. 2nd place would go to Kevin Durant.
      Traffic : James Harden – Helicopter + Headset + Beard = Hilarious.
      Sports : Matt Bonner. Coach B would have great insight on all things sports.

  24. Loved the Spurs this year but one thing no one anywhere has mentioned. The VETERAN POPOVICH COACHED TEAM COMPLETELY CHOKED AWAY THE LAST MINUTE.

    They forced 2 dumb 3s after grabbing o-rebs even though they were down 4 and enough time to get a stop and the ball back, and then when Manu missed the corner one, Pop basically ran on the court to foul himself and they still didnt foul and gave up and and1 to Perkins that sealed the game and led to KD’s hugs and kissed. For that team that was totally inexcusable. Hate to be the douche that types in caps but I swear not one person has mentioned that. i feel like they’re getting a pass because of their reputation, but to me it’s more of a glaring mistake just because it is the Spurs.

  25. Sorry for the typos as well as the caps, but Trey, I dunno where you’re gettin your evaluations on incoming rookies, but as someone who went to Syracuse and watched Waiters play a whole bunch, those comparisons are ridiculous.

    That guy is gonna be able to fill it up in the NBA. His perfect role wil be 6th man on a contender. Check out Ford’s recent evals of him as well. I’m hoping to God he will fall to Rockets at 14 but his stock keeps rising. Boeheim is known for trying to hide his talent so they don’t bolt early.

  26. Gotta take issue with something you guys said. I was at the game, and the crowd was not weak in the first two quarters. They were jacked coming out of the gates, and lost a little steam when the Heat sustained the lead. By the end of the third quarter it died down a bit. It did clear out too early, but it was cool to be there with the people who stuck around at the very end.
    Bottom line: Heat fans suck.

  27. What is Boris Diaw’s favorite game? Diawblo III

    What do you say when you stub your toe? DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWOOOOO!!!

  28. Yeah Tas, let’s allow a player to foul every time someone goes to the basket, that’s gonna be nice to watch.

    Fouling out exists to prevent players from defending like a handball team.

    And if a franchise player fouls out, next time he’ll have to be more careful so that he doesn’t hurt his team. That might be a European-basketball point of view, but don’t sacrifice the rules for more entertainment.

  29. Yeah Tas, let’s allow a player to foul every time someone goes to the basket, that’s gonna be nice to watch.

    Fouling out exists to prevent players from defending like a handball team.

    And if a franchise player fouls out, next time he’ll have to be more careful so that he doesn’t hurt his team. That might be a European-basketball point of view, but don’t sacrifice the rules for more entertainment.

  30. Anchor : Steve Nash
    Anchor : Jared Dudley
    Field : Javale Mcgee
    Special Reports : Rajon Rondo
    Weather : Metta World Peace
    Traffic : Stephen Jackson
    Sports : Dwight Howard

  31. anchor & 2nd anchor: Kobe (super well prepared, has the ego for it, well-spoken) & Lamar Odom (whacky sidekick, works well with Kobe). Or maybe Dirk, because he’s awesome.

    field: Mickael Pietrus (so he can point his finger at the camera and have a weird-faced “back to studio… NOW!”-kinda catchphrase)

    sports: Chris Paul and his son, duh.

    weather: Kevin Garnett – the weather is always boring, KG would bring some INTENSITY!

    special reports: Ricky Rubio, just because he’s cute and would do weird & hilarious stuff, everyone would love him.

  32. Not sure if this foul idea has been suggested yet, but I haven’t seen it so here goes: Offensive fouls don’t count as team fouls, so how about not counting them as personal fouls as well? Referees could still call the charge as normal, and it would still count as a turnover as it does now, but it would not count against the offensive player’s foul total. In would allow players with five fouls to still be aggressive on the offensive end. If they commit a charge in a close game it would hurt their team by turning the ball over, but it would prevent another situation where two superstars foul out on very cheap offensive fouls.

  33. Love the extra foul idea – the league wants the stars out there in those big spots.

    Thunder fans are great. I guarantee you Celtics fans are the more knowledgeable fanbase. In both cases, it comes from really good fortune. Celtics fans have had a great franchise for decades and I really think they’re on a short list for the league’s best fans. The Thunder fans were just given this team that in going to be the next dynasty. They don’t know pain yet.

    Also – through my green-colored view of the world, I can’t understand for the life of me why people think these Heat would be better to watch then the Celtics. Sure – the series might be better. But, unless Bosh gets a lot better fast, OKC are your champs and this will be the third toughest series they played.

    AND – Wade was AWFUL in this series. TERRIBLE. Against Indiana – yes the Heat went on a run there for 5 halfs (you don’t say halves when you’re talking about basketball, right?? Or do you) where the two of them were playing off each other and it was beautiful. The Heat have been an absolute one man show in this series. Thursday was a great individual performance. The Celtics move the ball well, Rondo might be the most fun player to watch in the whole league, and I don’t see why people don’t like watching teams play great defense.

    Just watch Kevin Garnett when the Celtics are on D – don’t watch anyone else. Espeically in thise series, where he can roam. He’s been absolutely amazing.

  34. I think it would have been much more embarrassing for the Heat to lose to the Celtics than if the Heat lose to the Thunder in the Finals. Not only would they have regressed from last year, they would have been beat by a team that although has played very well, the Heat should have won with a little more ease.

    In terms of adding in an extra over time foul, I am just a little worried it may slow the game down with all the extra fouls, especially in a “hack-a-Shaq” situation. That gives the opportunity for 12 more fouls and 24 more foul shots. How about one extra foul could added to one player on each team giving the opportunity for the best player on each team to stay in the game.

    I think the perfect choice for Weather Man would be Glen Big Baby Davis. He seems like a fun loving guy and we already know he has stage presence thanks to the video he and Hedo made this Allstar Weekend. But what really puts him over the top is, he may not be able to give you the news, but he can always give you the weather. #spitjoke


    22/111 = 19.8%, meaning Tas was correct; about 20% of road teams in game 7 win.

    Also, I’m in favor of the idea that a player who commits his 6th or higher foul grants the opposing team two fros and the ball.

  36. If the news program needs a financial reporter: DeShawn Stevenson because he knows how ATMs work.

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