“I love James Harden, but John Lennon is the inspiration for my beard.”Royce White, instantly becoming a lot of people’s favorite rookie

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  1. what’s his favourite beatles record? – the royce white album

    (that was way too easy though)

  2. ok this one’s a little more hipsteresque:

    what’s his favourite early beatles john lennon song?
    - tell me royce whyte

  3. what’s his second favourite beatles album?
    let it beard

  4. ohhhh dammit, I forgot a couple some other obvious ones:

    what’s his favourite beatles movie?
    a hard day’s royce white

    what’s his favourite tune from lennon’s beard-buddy paul mccartney?
    the royce white before

    • (ps i know it says “lennon mccartney” on The Night Before, too, but this one’s mostly paul as far as i remember)

  5. I don’t know about this Plastic Ono Beard

  6. As long as we are juxtaosing beards and the inspriation for them, I think James Harden’s beard is inspired by Jim Morison. Lets hope it gets to ZZ Top levels.


  7. How does Royce sleep at White

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