Ballin: Solid 3-4 shooting from downtown for Mario Chalmers, who … just kidding — LeBron James had 45-15-5, which hasn’t been done in a playoff game since Wilt Chamberlain in 1964. When you are doing Wilt Chamberlain things, you are doing amazing things.

Not so much: Paul Pierce had twice as many shots (18) as points scored (9). Flip those numbers around though, so he has 18 points on nine shots, and we’re talking LeBron numbers.

Oh come on: This was the kind of dunk you make your significant other watch, even if they may be looking for apartments online.

The amazing thing about this dunk — besides the fact that, you know, his head was at the rim — is that every replay kept getting better and better. By the time they get to that from-behind camera and it looks like he could knock the ball in with a well-timed headbutt, you just want to high-five everyone who has ever lived.

Tips appreciated: Kevin Garnett won three jumpballs in the first half of last night’s game. That must be a record.

Shakey dog: Just a little in-and-dribble you’ll want to teach your children, courtesy of Ray Allen.

Also great was Rondo Rondoing Udonis Haslem. Awesome first 24 for Rondo, who was showing off his fresh haircut, but the Celtics needed another 19-point half if they wanted to keep pace with the Heat.

New postseason meme: Thanks to Rondo’s 53-minute Game 2 outing, the new playoffs thing that announcers won’t stop talking about is when a player plays the entire game. You heard it again last night, when both Rondo and LeBron were pulling all-nighters. That’s cool and all, but it’s happened 451 times since 1986 — basically 16 times each postseason — so maybe we should relax.

Heads up: Game 6 was just a “throwing things at the Heat” kind of night in Boston.

Zero percent intentional, but still pretty funny. Nice of Dwyane Wade to not freak out too. Also funny — this angry Celtics fan, who won’t throw the ball to LeBron.

Liar: I saw you, Shane Battier, knocking the ball out of bounds and then immediately pointing that it should be Heat ball going the other way, even though you obviously know you touched it last. That kind of duplicitous nature doesn’t bode well for your future career in politics.

Other things: Doing pushups mid-game is the cool thing to do, if you’re the Boston Celtics … LeBron looked very Undertaker at times last night, but also very Carl Winslow at times … Kevin Garnett’s technical was earned, barely, but LeBron’s was kind of wackCool dunk, Brandon Bass … If this were baseball, Mario Chalmers would get beaned for throwing a pass between some Celtbro’s legs at the end of the game. Really glad this isn’t baseball.