This is a super old clip, but there are no games on tonight, so why not let these guys dunking during some celebrity slam dunk contest take you in to the weekend? There’s no reason not to.

Enjoy Game 7, everyone.

(via Andrew Ungvari)

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  1. I hope my had the VCR goin’ on that one.

  2. This is from the old VHS “Super Slams of the NBA” from I think 1991. Get it if you can get a copy, I think the produced a few DVDs of it too. The music is like an orgasm for your ears, especially during the Jordan/Wilkins dunk contest.

  3. “I hope my wife had the VCR goin on that one”

  4. I’ve got this on VCR somewhere in the garage, and i can’t believe more isn’t made of the last dunk, Mike Conley sr’s 2 hander from the free throw line. A TWO HAND DUNK FROM THE FREE THROW LINE! and he’s only 6’1″

  5. you know the dude won GOLD MEDALS for jumping, right?

    • still, that was boss. and is that mike conly jr at the end, anyone?

      • oh, it was TOTALLY boss! you have to have a lot of courage to go for a two handed grab from that far out too, because if you dont grab the rim or slip i imagine you would probably end up flat on your back/crack your skull

  6. which one was Ken Griffey Jr?

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