Ugh, look at all these missed shots and free throws. What a terrible game. No blocks or steal either. Laid a total egg.

(via EOB)

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  1. People love to focus on everything he does right and make him out to be some basketball deity.
    Glad you guys gave an accurate recap of the game.

  2. This video just makes last nights performance even more impressive, he made all these mistakes and still had one of the greatest performances in play off history? There is another level that he can reach!

  3. Typical Lebron James hater….always looking at the negatives! this guy put up 45pts 15rbs and 5ast and most importantly his team won, thats good enough. did KD have a perfect game?NO, but all you people still praise him. Lebron is the MVP for a reason and he proved it in game 6!

  4. He shot 73% from the floor and 50% from three. So what the hell is this shit? I’m not even a Lebron fan but we need to give him credit when it’s due. That was one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen considering what was at stake.

  5. And he had a worse +/- than D-Wade!! Horrible performance.

  6. Typical LEBRICK! Lechoke will never be clutch in the fourth quarter! That’s Why Coack Spa YANKED him out down the stretch. He can’t finish.//snarkasm.

  7. who the hell are these people commenting in this comments thread? TREY KIRBY IS MAKING A JOKE. It is sarcastic. Do you guys understand sarcasm? Have you ever seen the Basketball Jones podcast? Do you know Trey Kirby worships at the alter of Brad Miller, and even Brad Miller was heard appreciating Lebron’s game last night? THIS VIDEO SHOWS EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE LEBRON MADE LAST NIGHT AND ITS ONLY LIKE 50 SECONDS LONG.

    Good Lord, the dimwits came out in full force on this one.

    I’m not even a Heat fan. Lol.

  8. British people say the Americans don’t appreciate sarcasm. I had my doubts, until I saw this comment section.

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