On today’s playoff edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss Saturday night’s Game 7 before previewing the Thunder-Heat “All-Weather” NBA Finals. Angles discussed include: the 2-3-2 Finals format, LeBron vs. Durant, whether we’ll see much of Perkins in this series, why role players knocking down jumpers is key for the Heat, Spoelstra vs. Brooks, and Westbrook’s jumper. All that, plus to shake or not to shake hands post-game.

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  1. The video is private…

  2. Miami’s complete inability to consistently run a halfcourt set as well as two semi-gimpy superstars, no bench and an idiot coach? This could be bad. I of course mean the 80s definition of ‘bad’, meaning totally awesome.

  3. Dudes, it’s definitely a hard “G”. Great analysis of the high 5 fail though.

  4. Hold on Tas, Nick Collison can handle LeBron? You. Sound. Insane. Do you realize that? Come off it man. Durant HAS to guard LeBron, he’s the only player capable of it. Sefolosha and Harden are too small, Collison is no where near fast enough to keep up with LeBron, nor a good enough leaper to challenge his shots; the guy can’t even handle the more athletic 4s in the league. This series is going to pose a matchup problem for the Thunder. You guys talked a lot about how Durant is gonna wear LeBron down, how about at the other end? Durant gets bothered by large physical guys like Artest; LeBron is the ultimate version of that, not to mention the fact that LeBron is a physical force offensively.

    Also, let’s not give Brooks too much credit for making the adjustment of Sefolosha on Parker. That’s really a sign that he’s a good coach? You guys, and everyone else on the planet, knew they had to do that after game one. I’m not saying I think Spo is better or anything, but we can’t really give Brooks credit for making an adjustment that he should have entered the series understanding.

    • Re-watch game 7 of the Boston/ Miami series. Doc put Brandon Bass on Lebron James, and it actually did slow Lebron down. Why? Because Bass has length, quickness, and bulk, which is a perfect combination to guard Lebron. Nick Collison has those same attributes. I don’t know what you are talking about when you say that Nick Collison is too slow. He is a successful team defender because of his quick feet, he can rotate quickly. He is a good one on one defender because he plays fundamnetal defense and has quick feet. Durant actually has a pretty slow first step, I think that is a big reason why Tas is reluctant to say Durant will guard Lebron. Thabo is undersized but he may be the best second option.

  5. I think Perk could play heavy minutes just because of his screen setting ability. But when he plays do you think Brooks will try him on Bosh to let Ibaka still roam. And worse comes to worse Perk could give the thunder 6 hard fouls to rattle the Heat.

    I think Thunder in six. the games will go Thunder, Thunder, Heat, Thunder, Heat, Thunder.
    Though I will not be upset if the Heat win. It would be nice to stop talking about Lebron not having a ring for once.

    Do you guys think this could be the start of a string of Thunder, Heat finals? I believe it could if Harden and Ibaka stay with the Thunder. If that does happen do you think it could be as good as Lakers Celtics when Magic and Bird were playing?

    • Perk is going to play more minutes than people think, but only because the Thunder’s bigs are going to be in constant foul trouble. That’s kind of what Miami does. Their stars put fouls on your defense, while they contest shots from the side or behind shooters on the other end, which keeps them out of foul trouble.

      The Magic-Bird / Lakers-Celtics rivalry was one of a kind. The most you’ll get from a Thunder-Heat rivalry is something similar to a late 90′s Jazz-Bulls kind of deal, just hopefully not as one-sided.

  6. In a way don’t the Thunder want bosh to get lots of shots because then it would take some offense away from Wade and James. So couldn’t putting Perk on Bosh be an enticing trap?

    • I don’t know if you watched Bosh while he was in Toronto, but Perkins on Bosh full time is a recipe for a quick defecit and 3 fouls in 3 minutes for Perk. No way is he fast enough.

      • Obviously putting Perk on Bosh full time would be a terrible idea because perk is no where near as quick as Bosh. I just meant in certain situations it might be an advantage overall putting perk on bosh, not the specific one on one match up but a roaming Ibaka is better then one stuck on Bosh.

  7. I don’t even think the heat win more than 1 game. they are basically a poor man’s version of the spurs, ‘cept that the heat role players can’t hit contested shots. and if the thunder can make open threes hard for the friggin spurs, what do you expect the heat will do?
    I agree with tas and skeets, outside shooting / role players hitting open shots will be key for miami – which basically means they’re done. it’s OKC’s finals to lose! if they bring what they usually bring they win in like 5 games.
    they’ll clog up the lanes and let them miami shooters fire away while sprinting at them. good luck with that, heat.

    • …oh and regarding the heat’s defense: who the hell is gonna guard westbrook? chalmers? like the guys said, you can’t just play off of him, you can’t use lebron, you can’t use wade and you can’t just leave thunder role players open if you stay in the paint.

  8. Kwame Brown charged with fraud?!?!

    …knew it was too good to be true, but the guy is still a fraud.


  9. Hey Tas, I thought that your argument for which coach would have the advantage coming in the finals between Brooks and Spo was a little bit biased. I’m no fan of Spoelstra, I’m the first one who will promote his dismissal from the franchise, but I think he had to make major adjustments, dare I say, more crucial than those Brooks had to make simply because the Heat played 9 games without Bosh, a often criticized piece of Miami’s big 3 but very important nonetheless. Brooks made, in what I believe is the basketball community’s general opinion, obvious adjustments. Have Ibaka roam more, Thabo on parker and the small lineup at the end of games with Westbrook, harden, Thabo, Durant and Ibaka at center. If you would like to provide some actual clear advantage, Spoelstra has already been to the finals, if that counts for anything.

  10. I have to agree with Tas on the whole handshake issue, although it is far too late to try to implement the same standard as the NHL has kept for year. In fact, although I prefer basketball as a sport, there are no greater playoffs – in terms of tradition and weight – than the NHL playoffs. You would never see a team celebrating as the Thunder had after simply gaining the opportunity to play for the championship. Hell, you’re not even allowed to touch the trophy, and I think that is great.

  11. Arent u forgetting Battier? =.=’ One of the best defender in the game?

  12. The Dino aka Bosh needs to take Hand-clapping 101 classes

  13. Just like last year: the WEST is bigger, stronger and more competitive. Thunders beat all the best team in the West, they can definitely get rid of the Heat. (Chicago with a complete and healthy team was the only chance of the East).

  14. i think perk could be huge when the heat go with a non-shooting five (anthony, turiaf)

    looking at what ibaka did to dirk and pau gasol (and even duncan to some extend) i´m very confident he could lock down bosh..
    the question is if this is more important than helping on lebron/wade drives and this is why perk could be important..
    i know he won´t block as many shots, but perkins made a career out of being a good team defender, rotating, not falling for fakes and avoiding stupid fouls etc

    whats worrisome from a thunder perspective: who is guarding lebron?
    durant won´t be able to do it (and would struggle offensively trying to do it).. thabo?
    or is it better to let lebron get his and focus on limiting wade with thabo and bosh with ibaka?
    and i´m sorry, but collison on lebron is crazy.. brandon bass agrees

  15. Love the fix.
    Keep it coming, but in your analysis you did not mention the free throw advantage. In the Boston series the Heat missed a lot of free throws. In a close series with the Thunder that will be one more key difference. Tas, I thought you would pick up on that…

  16. James Harden can take over a game more than Chris Bosh? Are you serious Tas?

    A Sixth Man of the Year vs a 7 time All-Star at 28 years old. I understand hating on Chris Bosh has been the hype the past few years now, but this is just getting ridiculous. If LeBron goes off for 45 it’s his “focus,” and “intensity.” When Bosh gives you 8-10 and 3-4 3pters (which I agree the 3 pointers won’t happen again), it’s a miracle from this scrub.

    • going 8-10 with 3 three´s is a miracle for a player coming back from injury.. even if its the great mr botch

  17. I think Jeff Van Gundy summed up the handshakes perfectly at the end of the Pacers/Heat series. Some Pacers went straight to the locker room and some didn’t and Van Gundy said “I’m fine with that – stay out and shake hands if you really mean it.”

    This has been going on FOREVER in the NBA. It was never a big deal until LeBron in 2009 against Orlando and since then people scrutinize very selectively. If you’re going to criticize KG and Rondo, I promise you there are a shitload of other guys you could also criticize. I hope they’re not ok with losing. I hope KG is never ok with losing. I don’t ever want him to lose that intensity that he has. A lot of people think he’s a dick – guarantee you none of those people had him on their team.

    Hockey is just different. They also fight each other all the time, so there are a lot of shades of grey here.

    Let’s not discount Miami. OKC hasn’t seen a defense like this. Miami just played two top-10 defenses in a row and OKC will be playing their first one.

    That said – let’s go Perk. He’s my last horse in this race.

  18. i thought the comment about how this was “the series everyone wanted” was interesting. this is the series the NBA wanted, the media wanted, NBA generalists wanted, probably the general public. but is it something fans of the other 28 teams wanted?

    i know personally my interest level in the playoffs takes a big dive once my team is eliminated (in this case, the spurs). i know most other fans of teams do the same. most team-specific blogs and sites are now talking draft/trade/free agents more than the finals, other than those dedicated to the thunder or heat. this isn’t to say we’re not watching or not interested at all, but it’s not what we wanted.

    so yeah…i always find it interesting that as the general public’s interest in the playoffs increases, a decent chunk of the hardcore fans lose interest each round.

    • yeah well I agree but of all the series not including your personal team of interest, isn’t this still the most intriguing matchup? I’d personally prefer the celtics just because I really don’t like the heat (never have.. stay true to the hating^^) but still I have to say, this is just a great series!
      is there any other realistic matchup you would rather have watched that doesn’t include (in your case) the spurs?

      • personally speaking, once the spurs are eliminated, it becomes more a case of who i’m ok with winning versus who i don’t want to win. is the thunder/heat an intriguing matchup? i guess so, but it’s not something i’m giving great thought to. the way i’m looking at this series is simple – i prefer the thunder to win because the heat winning is a bad thing for the game in my opinion (players joining forces in big markets isn’t good for balance in the league in general and small market teams in particular…like the spurs).

        i probably would’ve been more interested in a thunder/bulls final for that reason. also would have been interesting pitting the number 1 defence against the thunder’s explosive scoring. and i would’ve been a lot more interested had the pacers made it, though they probably wouldn’t have had a chance in hell.

  19. I call Miami in no more than 6. The simple fact is they will not lose two NBA finals in a row. Miamis experience coupled with skill is dangerous. The thunder don’t have it. They have far too many advantages and will.. Should be a fun series nonetheless..


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