Fellas, need a way to get your girl in to basketball through presents? Ladies, want to stimulate your partner, both sexually and athletically? Well, the NBA finally has the product for you — officially licensed NBA high heels from HERSTAR.

From a press release:

The collection, available at HERSTAR.com, features two styles available in all 30 NBA teams. The microsuede pump steps up the classic shoe with handmade, microsuede and a 4” heel with a 1” internal platform. This collection retails for $99.99.  Also available for $249.99 is the limited edition crystal pump which is fully-hand strassed in Middle Eastern Crystals and offset by a 6” heel and 3″ internal platform. These sparkling pumps are the MVP of heels, allowing female sports fans to show off their love of the game while embracing their feminine side.

“We are always looking to broaden our product assortment by partnering with creative and innovative brands,” said Lisa Piken, Vice President of Licensing for the NBA. “HERSTAR collection is not only fashionable but also comfortable — perfect for our female fans.”

“This partnership is a slam-dunk for HERSTAR! We look forward to offering sports fans a high-end line of fashionable heels”, said Holly Joffrion, founder and CEO of HERSTAR. “We understand how much women love their shoes and recognize that going to an NBA game can be an event beyond the hardwood. We’re able to combine the love of basketball and footwear together, allowing female fans another way to display their passion for the game.”

That first sentence from the last paragraph kills me. It’s like a scene from “The Office” in real life. I just imagine some executive telling Holly Joffrion, founder and CEO of HERSTAR, “Make sure you work in some sort of basketball metaphor during the press release, no matter how cliché it might be.” Then she nailed it with laser accuracy.

But anyway, these shoes. They exist, so we have to ask — are you going to buy them for your significant other? You could get her the microsuede pumps for $99.99, but if you are a real fan, you’ll spring for the crystallized version for $249.99. Not only are you proving how much you love the special lady in your life, you are also proving how much you love your favorite team, which is just as important.

I personally won’t be buying any because the women in my life wouldn’t want these on their feet unless it was part of an elaborate joke costume, but go nuts if you’re so inclined. After all, they might be the only way for “female sports fans to show off their love of the game while embracing their feminine side,” so you kind of have to do it.