“[It's] almost a surreal feeling. I told my teammates it felt like I have been wandering the NBA wilderness for the last 10 years.”Shane Battier, on finally playing for a championship

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  1. Who doesn’t like Shane Battier.

  2. And his teammates responded “….what?”

  3. Wouldn’t the wilderness be more of a jungle scene…

  4. To bad the Heat are going to lose

  5. Ever since Battier joined the Heat he’s been acting like it’s the most important thing that’s ever happened in the World. Get real, dude, no one actually cares about you.

    • If Shane Battier was you, then yes, no one actually cares about him. But we’re not in an alternate universe, so Shane Battier gets to make millions a year playing ball while you, well, flip patties everyday.

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