After a rain delay that led to a two-day match, Rafael Nadal won his seventh French Open title. Pau Gasol was there to celebrate with his fellow countryman, and here’s how it went down.


Look at both of these guys’ faces — and the way Pau seems to be taking a deep breath of Nadal’s hair, just hoping to bathe in that championship musk — and try to say they are not the happiest men on Earth. At this moment, there is nothing more important to either of these guys than Rafael Nadal’s championship.


Having basked in Rafa’s aura, Pau now turns defensive, looking to see if anyone is coming to ruin this moment. I can’t imagine a human alive who want to interrupt something like this, but it’s good to know Pau Gasol is always on the lookout, making sure he can really finish out this hug.


Realizing no one would come between them at a time like this, Pau recommits to the hug, simply enjoying the moment for what it is — one man congratulating another man for his sustained excellence. It’s something Pau can appreciate since he’s seen firsthand just how tough that really is. The look on both of their faces, Nadal so happy and Pau so happy for him, is true bro love.

(images via jrinclan, Andy Gray, mariainfante)