After a dreadful season that saw him put up the worst numbers of his career since his rookie year, get deactivated for being too fat and be the only Wizard knucklehead that no one else in the league wanted to trade for, Andray Blatche has become the stand-in for everything that is wrong with the NBA. He’s a young player who doesn’t work hard enough or earn his salary and he got his big contract way too early, which might make him our generation’s Derrick Coleman, only without the All-Star talent and Final Four bona fides.

Everybody hates Andray Blatche, with reason. He’s such a disaster, in fact, that even other NBA coaches are using him as an example for how not to handle young players. Peep what Doc Rivers had to say while talking about why he didn’t play Avery Bradley from the jump. From ESPN:

Rivers absorbed some criticism for not giving Bradley quality minutes sooner, but the coach said even with the benefit of hindsight, he wouldn’t do it differently.

“You can’t hand it to them,” Rivers said. “I look at the Washington [Wizards] model, where they played Andray Blatche and those guys, and what did it teach them? That they’re going to play them anyway?”

As Mike Prada and Jake Whitacre point out, former Washington coach Flip Saunders served as consultant for the Celtics during the postseason, which is probably how Doc had this zinger in his pocket, ready to drop any time someone asked about young players. But still, even if there’s a reason, it doesn’t make Andray Blatche any less of a joke. If a guy like Doc Rivers is throwing your name around, things probably haven’t gone so well in your career.

Of course, using Andray Blatche as your argument might be counterproductive. After all, not every young player possesses the perfect combination of talent, laziness and selfishness necessary to keep getting contracts and playing time while still being despised by coaches around the league. In Doc’s case, it’s hard to envision Avery Bradley getting playing time early in his career, then spending every night at a Chipotle getting two meats in every burrito, plus sour cream and guacamole. The danger you run in to when comparing things to the worst case scenario is that no one is going to take you seriously.

That being said, I suppose it’s good to know that even the guys who run NBA teams look at Andray Blatche and take pause. We are not alone in thinking he’s a huge disappointment. Between this and the Wizards being unable to find someone to trade for him, it’s nice knowing that common sense still exists.

(via Mike Prada)

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  1. Now Blatche will become a Celtic, so Doc can whip him into shape. That would be a testament of Doc’s coaching skills. God I wish he could go to the Clippers or Portland. I hate to see a good coach like him rot at the helm of the Celtics.

    -Heat fans that hates Bitchtown

    • I’d like to see what Doc Rivers is able to accomplish without 3 Hall of Famers in his starting lineup as well.

      • He already won a coach of the year in 2000 while he was coaching an Orlando team picked to finish last in the league at the beginning of the season. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have anything to prove.

      • he made an ECF game 7 with 2…

    • You do realise that calling the Celtics bitchtown is technically bitching about them haha

    • shut your mouth heat are a bunch of monkeys on the court the celtics franchise is the best ever.

  2. I understand the point of your article, but it’s a little off-base. First of all, “everyone” doesn’t hate Blatche. The word you’re looking for is likely “disappointed”. Secondly, hindsight makes everyone a genius. It wasn’t that long ago that the Celtics were desperate to move Rondo and would’ve been grilled for pulling the trigger too soon on a top 5 PG. Blatche is only a year removed from a 16/8 season. He’s got 3 years left on his contract and at about 7.5 mil a year, it could be far worse. Even with the trainwreck of this season, a lot of coaches would love to have him amnesty or not.

    • desperate to move rondo? at what point were the celtics “desperate” to trade him? They refused to make him part of the KG trade, and by all accounts just did their due diligence to see what could be had for him in the trade market (I don’t think trading him for CP3 would be considered a “desperate” move).

  3. “rot at the helm of the Celtics”

    The team that has been a contender for the last 5 years, best defensive team in the league, and is the best franchise in NBA history?

    • Wouldnt say their the best franchise in NBA history, Lakers have had much more superstars and find a way to always contend without rebuilding, Celtics had a 22 year old dry spell after Bird you should remember.

      • Oh please, the Celtics have won the most championships and head to head are 43-31 against the Lakers in the playoffs, including 9-3 in series. Lakers having “much more superstars” (dubious statement at best) and finding “a way to always contend without rebuilding” (also inaccurate) is a moral victory at best.

      • That dry spell also came about due to some pretty tragic circumstances, not because the team was mismanaged.

      • len bias, reggie miller and ping pong balls had quite a bit do due with that dry spell

  4. This story is lame as hell, plus the author lied on Doc Rivers. All Doc said about Blatche, was him “expecting” to play instead of earning his PT…

    The author HERE is probably a white-racist who hates Darkskinned-players——-just like the new culture of basketball has birthed.

    Blatche is a beast so he earned that money, he earned the compensation for his potential….so stop being jealous or else list the many, many dead-weight Caucasian players who don’t earn their contracts and never will.


  5. Plus the pic chosen for the story here, is about as ‘peculiar institution’ as it gets

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