When it comes down to it, the things we are going to remember from this year’s pre-Finals postseason are as follows:

  • Injuries
  • The Spurs flaming out in the conference finals
  • Hilarious clothes

Truth be told, of those three, it feels like the fashion choices of all these swaggy adults is going to be the longest-lasting memory associated with these playoffs. Weird, but if coaches on the verge of the Finals are being asked about their players’ clothes, it must be true.

That’s what happened to Scott Brooks, who was asked about Russell Westbrook’s gameday attire and responded with a glowing review. From The Oklahoman:

“Russell can wear anything,” Brooks said. “He’s great looking, he has an incredible body, a great smile. Anything, he’s going to look good. I have to dress up nice to look decent.” [...]

“As long as they keep playing the way they’re playing, I don’t care what they wear,” he said. “I don’t care if they wear glasses with no lenses in it, I will always wear mine with a lens.”

Studies have shown that you will hear NBA coaches talk about their players nearly two million times in your life, but I have to imagine that the number of times you hear them compliment a player on the way they dress because they have “an incredible body” and “great smile” will be significantly less, most likely in the 0-1 range. This is a historic event, which I hope we will all treasure.

And while Brooks’ response might be more than any reporter could have ever hoped to get from a seemingly innocuous question about all-over print polo shirts, it’s really great. Not just for the maybe-somewhat-excessive fawning over Westbrook’s physique, but also for Scott Brooks’ Rodney Dangerfield-esque self-deprecating cracks on his own attire. For just a couple sentences about people dressing silly, Scott Brooks really packed in a lot of hilarity. We have to appreciate that, while also alerting Breckin Meyer to Brooks’ thoughts on the matter. After all, this is pretty much his future.

(via SLAM)