We have all seen the clip of the Miami Heat getting their dance on following their Game 7 victory over the Boston Celtics. I think even your mom has seen it, since I saw it in her browser history when I was at her house last night. (Just kidding. I’ve never met your mom or been to her house. Sorry.) However, it’s taken a few days for us to be able to see the Heat dancing to Hanson’s seminal pop single “MMMBop,” which is too long.

But now that we’ve seen it — thanks to some clever overdubbing at With Leather, who also have a bunch of other silly song choices — all of our lives are better. I’ll fight to the death that “MMMBop” is a good song in the vein of early Jackson 5, so to see some grownups dancing to it is just great. Someone needs to bring Hanson back (not really) and I’d be very happy if it were the Heat.

(via SB Nation)