From the people who brought you last year’s fantastic “Let’s Go CMavs” shirt, GV Art and Design, comes another anti-Heat t-shirt, this one backing the Thunder with a smart mashup called “OKCLE.” High fives, again, for this one.

Just like last season’s shirt, this year’s design puts a quality spin on the Heat hate, tweaking it just enough to make the design not entirely negative. Of course Cavalier fans are going to root against the Heat, but if they can do so by rooting hard for another team, that’s way more fun. Only catch I can see is that the “we are not going to steal your Thunder, only borrow it” tagline might be misinterpreted as a Seattle dig, when I really just think it’s trying to say Cavs fans are backing OKC without trying to be over the top about it. Tough line to toe.

The shirts are available from GV Art and Design’s online store for $25, if you’re so inclined. The shirt might be entirely pointless in a couple weeks, but I feel like it’d be pretty easy for a Clevelander to get 25 bucks worth of use out of it. Here’s hoping the Heat keep making Finals appearances because these shirts are excellent.

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  1. Cavs fans are trolls

  2. This is lamest thing I’ve ever scene. It must be very depressing to be a Cleveland Fan.

  3. At some point Cavs fans are going to have to actually root for their own team and not just the one playing Miami at any given time.

    Life is too short to waste hoping for someone to fail.

  4. I like a handful of teams, but I’ve also been a Cavs fan for decades. I’m alright with LeBron getting his ring eventually. I think he’s too good not to… Just not with this current Heat team. Me no likey.

    Still wouldn’t feel right rocking the shirt. The Cavs are their own team and a championship for any other team is not a win for them. That’s just me though.

  5. I’m not a Cavs fan, but I totally understand it. If I WERE a Cavs fan I would absolutely loathe Lebron and root for any team facing them in the playoffs. You can’t understand we’re they’re coming from until a Lebron type talent plays for your team, is a hometown kid, preaches loyalty to the organization and then leaves in a horrible, disgusting way on national TV.

    I think eventually Cle needs to move on, and the Lebron bashing should stop. I say they have another 3-5 yrs to keep hating, and after that it might be a bit much lol.

  6. this got to be the most depressing basketball team ever. as a raptors fan im use to stars and superstars leaving us, they’re always be another. it’s funny sometimes i catch myself rooting for the heat when Bosh is playing well

  7. that sentence sounds off.. shouldn’t it be either “won’t steal your thunder… only BORROW it” or “not STEALING your thunder… only borrowing it”?

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